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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

In our ongoing commitment to maintaining a robust and secure SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) environment, we want to bring your attention to an important security note that has recently been released. While we understand the significance of transparency, we'll refrain from explicitly detailing the nature of the issue to prevent any potential exploitation. Instead, we encourage all BTP users to carefully review this security note and take necessary actions promptly.

Security Note 3411067

This security note addresses a critical privilege escalation issue within SAP BTP Security Services Integration Libraries. The note outlines the symptoms, prerequisites, and reasons behind the identified concern, providing a comprehensive understanding of the potential risks involved.

Action Steps: To safeguard your SAP BTP environment, we strongly urge all users to:

    1. Check the Security Note: Navigate to SAP's official support portal and review Security Note 3411067 for detailed information.


    1. Validate Prerequisites: Ensure your system aligns with the noted prerequisites to accurately assess the relevance of this security update to your setup.


    1. Implement the Solution: Follow the provided solution outlined in the security note to address the identified issue and fortify your system against potential threats.

Additional Details: For those seeking a deeper understanding, Security Note 3411067 includes further details that shed light on the intricacies of the issue, allowing users to enhance their comprehension and implementation of the provided solution.

Update: We provide our customers with a  seamless and efficient way to assess their systems. To empower you to take control of your security, we have published a bash script that allows you to execute the scan on your own, eliminating the need to request scan results from SAP.

How to Execute the Scan: To access the bash script and run the scan independently, please refer to SAP Note 3411661. The script is conveniently attached to this note, providing a straightforward solution to help you determine whether your system is affected.

Conclusion: Security is a shared responsibility, and proactive measures are crucial to maintaining the integrity of our SAP BTP environments. By staying informed and promptly addressing security notes such as 3411067, we collectively contribute to a safer and more secure digital landscape.

We appreciate your diligence in reviewing and addressing this security note promptly. As always, your commitment to maintaining a secure SAP BTP environment is paramount. Stay secure, stay informed!