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Product and Topic Expert
Title: Unlocking SAP Preferred Success: Maximizing SAP Analytics Cloud Performance Optimization

Preferred success Offering: Solution Launch Checks for Performance Optimization

Explore the ultimate guide for SAP Preferred Success in SAP Analytics Cloud to unleash the full potential of your analytics journey: (Final)-Comprehensive Guide to Preferred Success for SAP Analytics Cloud


In our journey through SAP Preferred Success, we've delved deep into the program's diverse offerings, from Design Discovery Checks to Capability Advisory Checks, Capability Advisory Checks for Predictive Analytics , Development Infrastructure & Admin Readiness Checks, and Solution Launch Checks for security and connectivity. Today, let's shine a spotlight on the second sub-service under Solution Launch Checks, known as "Solution Launch Check for Performance Optimization."



The Solution Launch Check for Performance Optimization within SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a specialized service aimed at providing organizations with a detailed breakdown of the performance of their SAC Stories and Dashboards. Its primary objective is to identify bottlenecks in the end-to-end runtime of these assets and subsequently offer actionable recommendations for performance improvement.



This service focuses on improving the performance of SAC Stories and Dashboards, offering insights into what aspects might be slowing down their execution. It doesn't stop at identifying issues but also provides valuable recommendations to enhance performance. Moreover, additional best practice recommendations for achieving optimal performance will be shared during the Solution Launch Check.


Ideal Candidates:

This Solution Launch Check for Performance Optimization is most beneficial for organizations that have successfully completed the onboarding activities. It is designed for customers who have already built their Stories and Dashboards within the SAC tenant and are gearing up for the Go-live phase. This check ensures that performance-related hurdles are identified and addressed before they impact the end-users.


Delivery Approach and Scope:

To kickstart this service, a scoping call will be arranged with the customer. This initial step allows the SAP team to understand specific pain points or problematic business steps within SAC that might hinder performance. The service itself is delivered remotely and includes the following key components:


- Documentation of Relevant Business Processes: Understanding the business context is crucial. This phase involves documenting the relevant processes within your organization that are connected to SAC.


- Measurement of Story/Dashboard Launch and Run Times: Performance data is gathered by measuring the time it takes for Stories and Dashboards to launch and complete their execution.


- Performance Breakdown: The service then dissects the performance, highlighting the most time-consuming processes or bottlenecks that are slowing down the execution.


- Recommendations: Based on the performance analysis, the service offers recommendations on how to enhance the performance of SAC Stories and Dashboards.


Recommended Attendees:

This service is conducted remotely, and attendees are only required during the initial discussion and the final report presentation. The key attendees should ideally include a Security Administrator and an SAC System Administrator.


In summary,

the Solution Launch Check for Performance Optimization is a valuable service within SAP Preferred Success. It ensures that organizations can fine-tune the performance of their SAC Stories and Dashboards, delivering a seamless user experience and maximizing the value of their SAP investments. By addressing performance issues proactively, businesses can ensure that their SAC solutions operate optimally and meet the demands of their users.


What’s Next:

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post on the next Preferred Success Service: “Adhoc Advisory” on my blog.

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Ramy Salem

Customer Success, SAP Australia


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