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Explore the ultimate guide for SAP Preferred Success in SAP Analytics Cloud to unleash the full potential of your analytics journey: (Final)-Comprehensive Guide to Preferred Success for SAP Analytics Cloud


In our journey through SAP Preferred Success, we've already explored the five key activities designed to guide your organization towards success with SAP solutions. Today, let's shine a spotlight on the three integral supporting programs that add depth and value to this comprehensive program.


To Recap: The Five SAP Preferred Success Activities:


1- Design Discovery Checks:

Understanding your organization's unique needs and goals is the first step to success. These checks dive deep into your processes, requirements, and challenges, ensuring that SAP solutions are tailored precisely to your objectives.

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2- Capability Advisory Checks:

Identifying and leveraging the right SAP functionalities for your organization is crucial. Capability Advisory Checks help you harness the full potential of SAP, optimizing your operations and processes.

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3- Development Infrastructure & Admin Readiness Checks:

Effective SAP consumption demands a robust technical foundation. These checks assess your IT infrastructure, ensuring seamless support for SAP solutions, and minimizing potential disruptions.

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4- Solution Launch Checks:

Launching an SAP solution is a pivotal moment. Solution Launch Checks provide guidance and support to ensure a successful deployment and prepare your team for efficient SAP consumption.

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5- Ad-hoc Advisory and Success Checks:

Business is dynamic, and challenges can arise unexpectedly. These checks offer ongoing support and guidance, ensuring that your SAP journey remains smooth.

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Preferred Success 3 Supporting Programs

Now, let's dive into the Three Supporting Programs that enhance your SAP Preferred Success experience.


1- Enhanced SLA (Service-Level Agreement):

Reliable support is a cornerstone of successful SAP consumption. With Enhanced SLA, you're guaranteed responsive and effective support, minimizing disruptions and providing peace of mind. SAP Preferred Success customers enjoy accelerated resolution times and initial response times on incidents.

SAP Preferred Success takes customer support to the next level, offering enhanced SLA (Service-Level Agreement) targets that ensure a seamless and accelerated support experience.


Resolution Target on Priority 2 Incidents:

As a SAP Preferred Success customer, you benefit from a heightened resolution target specifically for Priority 2 incidents. This prioritization means that critical issues affecting your SAP solutions will be addressed promptly, reducing downtime and minimizing disruptions to your operations.


50% Faster Initial Response Time:

Time is of the essence when technical issues arise. With SAP Preferred Success, you'll experience an impressive 50% faster initial response time on Priority 2, 3, and 4 incidents. This rapid response ensures that you receive the support you need precisely when you need it, facilitating smoother operations and peace of mind.

By streamlining incident resolution and response times, SAP Preferred Success empowers your organization to stay agile, productive, and focused on your core business objectives.

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2- Learning Hub:

Continuous learning is vital for maximizing SAP benefits. The Learning Hub provides your team with a wealth of training resources and materials. Whether onboarding new team members or staying updated with SAP updates, this resource is invaluable. SAP Preferred Success customers now have unlimited access to SAP Learning Hub, solution editions.


In today's fast-paced business environment, staying ahead of the curve requires continuous learning and upskilling. With SAP Preferred Success, you can supercharge your organization's learning journey through the SAP Learning Hub, solution editions. This program offers unprecedented access to a world of knowledge, resources, and expertise, enhancing your team's proficiency and driving your SAP solutions to new heights.

Get Start with Learning Hub:


Unlock Unlimited Access:

One of the standout benefits of SAP Preferred Success is that customers now enjoy unlimited access to SAP Learning Hub, solution editions—without any additional charges. This invaluable resource empowers up to five of your key admin users to tap into a treasure trove of content within this award-winning learning platform.


A Holistic Approach to Learning:

SAP Learning Hub, solution editions cater to all functional roles within your organization, ensuring that every team member can accelerate their onboarding, adoption, and ongoing proficiency across SAP cloud solutions. It's not just about implementation excellence; it's about continuous solution enablement through every stage of your SAP cloud solution lifecycle.


A World of Learning Resources:

SAP Preferred Success customers gain access to a comprehensive suite of learning resources, including the SAP Learning Hub, Solution Editions and the SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Preferred Success Community—completely free of charge. Depending on your organization's specific needs, additional editions may also be available, either free or at a cost.


License Benefits: Your SAP Preferred Success package includes licenses for:


- 5 x SAP Learning Hub, solution editions

- 5 x SAP Live Access

- 5 x SAP Certification


Guided Onboarding:

SAP understands the importance of seamless onboarding, which is why the Onboarding Team is here to introduce your organization to its Learning Hub entitlements. They'll also assist with the seamless allocation of Learning Hub licenses to users nominated by your organization.


The SAP Learning Hub, solution editions empower your team to evolve continuously, keep pace with SAP updates, and drive innovation within your organization. It's more than just training; it's a journey of growth and excellence.

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3- Release Guidance:

SAP regularly updates and enhances its software. Staying informed about these changes is essential for optimizing your SAP solutions. Release Guidance ensures you're aware of upcoming updates and offers guidance on how to adapt seamlessly. It keeps you ahead of the curve and allows you to benefit from the latest SAP innovations.


Release Guidance: Your Roadmap to Success


SAP Preferred Success understands the importance of staying informed about SAP's software releases. The Release Guidance program is designed to empower you with the knowledge and resources needed to adapt to updates effortlessly. This program ensures that you're always ahead of the curve, ready to embrace the latest SAP innovations.


A Comprehensive Offering:


The Release Guidance offering encompasses a range of activities aimed at providing you with unparalleled support during the release of updates. Here's what you can expect:


  • Roadmap Explorer for SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC): Keeping track of SAP updates can be a complex task, but Roadmap Explorer simplifies the process. This tool provides you with a clear roadmap for SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). It helps you understand the direction in which SAP is heading, ensuring that you're well-prepared for upcoming changes.

  • SAP Road Map Explorer: This tool takes your understanding of SAP's future direction to the next level. It provides an in-depth exploration of SAP's product roadmaps, allowing you to align your strategies with SAP's vision seamlessly.

  • SAP Note Updates: SAP Note updates, such as SAP Note 2888562, keep you informed about release dates and provide essential information about updates.

Check Roadmap Explorer for SAC-SAP Road Map Explorer


With Release Guidance, you can navigate the ever-evolving SAP landscape with confidence. Stay informed, adapt to changes seamlessly, and continue to reap the rewards of SAP's latest innovations.


SAP Preferred Success Release Guidance is your trusted partner in the journey towards SAP success. It ensures that you're always aware of the latest updates, armed with the knowledge needed to embrace change, and ready to unlock the full potential of your SAP solutions.

#SAPPreferredSuccess #ReleaseGuidance #SAPUpdates #Innovation #SAPRoadmap


Stay ahead with Release Guidance and lead your organization toward a brighter, more innovative future.




SAP Preferred Success is a holistic program, and these three supporting programs are integral to your SAP journey. They provide the tools, support, and knowledge needed to navigate the complex landscape of SAP solutions successfully. With Design Discovery Checks, Capability Advisory Checks, Development Infrastructure & Admin Readiness Checks, Solution Launch Checks, and Ad-hoc Advisory and Success Checks, coupled with Enhanced SLA, Learning Hub, and Release Guidance, your organization is equipped to unlock the full potential of SAP solutions.


Your journey with SAP Preferred Success is not just about reaching your destination; it's about thriving and evolving along the way.


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Ramy Salem

Customer Success, SAP Australia

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