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We’re thrilled to announce an illuminating four-part webinar series that promises to speed your migration and utilization of the HANA Cloud. If you’ve ever considered transitioning to HANA Cloud or if you’ve already started your journey and want to maximize its capabilities, this series is tailormade for you.

Session 1: Prepare for the Future – Build a Case and Plan to Migrate to HANA Cloud

Our journey begins with understanding the future of SAP HANA Cloud, led by HANA Cloud experts. This introductory session aims to not just examine the virtues of the HANA Cloud but provide a comprehensive roadmap for migration. Delve into key focus areas through high-level enablement, grasp the nuances of architecture and solution redesign, identify incompatibilities with HANA Cloud using self-service migration tool, and understand migration efforts and approaches, ensuring a seamless shift.
November 9th

Session 2: A Quiet Go-Live – Execute a Flawless Migration to HANA Cloud

Migration need not be a daunting task. Let our expert guide you through a step-by-step masterclass on how to execute an impeccable transition from on-prem SAP HANA to SAP HANA Cloud. We'll walk through SAP best practices from how to start with a quiet go-live to moving production workloads using the self-service migration tool.
November 16th

Session 3: On Stable Ground - Manage the Day-to-Day Operations of HANA Cloud

Once you’re airborne on the HANA Cloud, stability becomes paramount.  SAP experts will become your co-pilots, introducing you to the intricacies of operating SAP HANA Cloud as a Database Administrator. From provisioning to day-to-day administration, learn to navigate the HANA Cloud with finesse and confidence.
November 28th

Session 4: Ask for More - Leverage the Latest Innovative Capabilities of HANA Cloud

The HANA Cloud is not just about storage and operations; it’s about innovation. Our experts will catapult you into a world of Intelligent Data Applications, where data is more than just numbers. Explore the vast capabilities of the HANA Cloud, from machine learning and natural language processing to dynamic data visualization and unlock the potential of real-time data analytics.
December 5th

Our series promises a blend of theory, practical insights, and hands-on demonstrations that will elevate your business processes and decision-making capabilities.

Opportunities like this are rare. Dive deep, discover, and redefine your digital strategy with the SAP HANA Cloud webinar series. Join us to catalyze your transformation journey.

Reserve your spot now! The future is HANA Cloud, and it’s brilliant.

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