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Crowdsourcing platforms have gained popularity as an effective means for organizations to tap into a global community of problem solvers. From simple tasks to complex scientific challenges, these platforms cater to diverse needs and audiences. However, what happens when a gig platform is brought within an organization? In the era of digital transformation, it is necessary for organizations to adapt to new ways of working and innovating. SAP Blue2.0, a revolutionary internal gig work platform, went live on June 14th, 2023, serving as a catalyst for innovation at SAP Labs India.

Platform Features and Benefits:

Built on the renowned SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform) and leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as React, SAP Blue is a digital marketplace that empowers employees to discover, apply for, and work on a wide range of projects across different departments and business units. While the earlier version of SAP Blue saw initial success, it had lost momentum over time due to a lack of knowledge among the employees and outdated user experience. The revamped platform offers an intuitive user interface and introduces new features like feedback and testimonials to enhance the overall user experience.

SAP Blue is not limited to developers or product development teams. It encompasses various areas, including strategy, marketing, communications, UX/UI, and more. By tapping into SAP Blue, employees have the opportunity to work on short-term projects, fostering collaboration, agility, and professional development. The platform encourages individuals to expand their horizons by engaging in projects that requires technologies like UI5, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. It serves as a powerful tool for both experts and enthusiastic learners, promoting a sense of ownership and driving professional growth while adapting to changing business needs.

Additionally, SAP Blue provides a platform for Lines of Business (LoBs) to obtain cost-effective solutions for their problem statements. Rather than seeking external hires, leaders can present these challenges as stretch assignments within the platform, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.


Testimonials and the journey:

The journey of SAP Blue began in November 2022, with contributions from both new and seasoned team members.
We knew we have to upgrade the user experience for the people. Ideation started November 2022. After multiple check points, design thinking sessions and scope finalization, within in 6 months, we revamped the whole platform. We soft launched it in dkom earlier this year and we had over 600+ unique enagements.14th of June we went live. And we already have 1.2K users & 23 + live projects, including some from the SAP Labs India management.” – Akshay Sureshchand, Program Head - SAP BLUE

“With the world venturing into unexplored territory filled with limitless opportunities that can be unleashed by technology, there exists tremendous untapped potential in harnessing bottom-up innovation. SAP Blue exemplifies the extensive engineering elasticity in product development that an organization can achieve by integrating diverse talents from within. It allows us to access the collective wisdom and ingenuity of a diverse group, presenting a distinct and effective approach to fostering innovation.” - Mohammed Anzy S, Chief Operating Officer, SAP Labs India

“We’d like to refer SAP Blue as our in-house gig platform where colleagues can take up projects and interests beyond their daily scope of work to expand their horizons, discover new skills, get inspired by new possibilities, challenge their boundaries, network with like-minded people, and get a deeper understanding of SAP strategy through varied perspectives.”- Sindhu Gangadharan, SVP & MD, SAP Labs India and Head, SAP User Enablement

By embracing SAP Blue, organizations can foster innovation, agility, and employee engagement, unlocking their true potential. This internal gig work platform offers a gateway to endless possibilities, enabling individuals to drive their professional growth and contribute to changing business needs. With SAP Blue, SAP Labs India is embarking on a journey of collaboration and unleash a future with limitless innovation.