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It's almost November and you know what this means: it's time for SAP TechEd in 2021 - all digital, all global and of course all access! You heard right: our event series is returning and this year again, you can simply join without any hassles or obligations.

You're already convinced? Then go ahead and secure your spot today! As always, we made sure to provide you the best of Analytics that helps you gain the maximum value from your data.

Table of contents

  1. Why should I attend SAP TechEd in 2021?

  2. Analytics at SAP TechEd 2021

    1. Channel 1 - Data Warehousing & Analytics

    2. Discover Enterprise-Ready Data Warehousing

    3. Making Strategic Decisions with SAP Analytics

    4. Applying Analytics End to End

  3. How to register and further information


1. Why should I attend SAP TechEd?

This question was never really an issue. And the answer never changes. SAP TechEd is THE event to upskill yourself and get all the details about SAP's latest innovations and developments. On top of that, you can experience our solutions in workshop sessions and directly get in touch with experts from SAP to discuss your questions.

But that's not everything. SAP TechEd in 2021 will all digital, all global, all free. It doesn't make a difference where you are on the planet: just sign up, save your spot and participate in the event. No costs charged and no travel needed. Learning has never been easier!

Also, missing a session is no problem at all! Just watch the recordings and get back on track right away!

And before I forget - one last thing: workshop seats are limited. So grab them today!
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2. Analytics at SAP TechEd in 2021

For us, learning and innovation is the most important thing at SAP TechEd in 2021. This is, why we are convinced that you will not only see our latest developments but also get the full picture of how SAP can help you to gain the most value of your data.

We prepared various formats for you to consume the content you need and spend the time you have. Find below a selection of formats:

  • Strategy Talks: the ideal way to kick off SAP TechEd. Join our leaders and hear more about their vision on Analytics and the way forward.

  • Lectures: spend 30 minutes to get an introduction to a topic and see all the details

  • Breakouts: in up to 20 minutes, you will get the idea of a concept or feature

  • Workshops: time to get hands-on! Block your calendar for two exciting and insightful hours and get the most direct product experience possible!

If you want to see all Analytics sessions at a glance, click here and view our session catalog!

Do you want more details? Then check out our subtracks below and pick the content which interests you the most!

Every chapter will carry links to the respective session catalog and subtrack overview. This way, you can easily add sessions to your personal agenda.
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2.1. Channel 1 - Data Warehousing & Analytics

Channel 1 at SAP TechEd will be the perfect entry point for the ultimate experience. Over the course of the whole event, you will see exciting announcements, strategy talks from high-level executives and of course a lot of opportunities to ask questions and get answers.

Of course, we prepared a lot of great content for you in Channel 1. Make sure to join the stream and get the latest insights into our strategy and vision around our solution portfolio and ask your questions directly to our executives.

Click here to find out more about Channel 1 and the format.
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2.2. Discover Enterprise-Ready Data Warehousing

Your data warehouse has never been more important. It not only serves as your central go-to-place to get insights into your business but also provides the core of your business decisions: your data and your expertise.

Explore this track to find out how SAP's offerings in data warehousing help your business and your users to easily access the world of data modeling and expand your data reach to the maximum range.

Click here to view all sessions and add them to your agenda!
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2.3. Making Strategic Decisions with SAP Analytics

Data is the new gold. Haven't you heard that sentence lately? But that's just half of the truth. What's you data worth if you are not able to understand it? This is why Analytics is the key to your success.

Join this track and find out how we at SAP support you on your journey towards intelligent and reliable insights. Find out how to derive data-driven business decisions and step up your game.

Click here to view all sessions and add them to your agenda!
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2.4. Applying Analytics End to End

Are you already thinking end-to-end? Well, you definitely should. Bringing together all the drivers for success into one harmonized experience is the ultimate game-changer and your competitive advantage!

In this track, you will find out how our portfolio integrates into end-to-end scenarios and provides you the ultimate power to harness the value of your data. Make sure to add the sessions to your agenda and learn more about our great offerings.

Click here to view all sessions and add them to your agenda!
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3. How to register and further information

Can't wait for SAP TechEd in 2021? Me neither! So don't forget to head over to the official event homepage TODAY and sign up for the event of the year.

And don't forget to prepare your personal experience. Explore the whole session catalog and follow our social media channels to get the most current updates.

Do you have any additional questions or want to leave some feedback? Just drop a comment or feel free to reach out to me!
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