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In this Blog post I would like to explain

  • How to use system generated Unique IDs in Lists and Details

  • How to use them in mass uploads

so lets get started


What are Unique IDs


All Task types such as Requirements, Template Tasks, Project tasks , user stories , sub-tasks and defects will get system generated unique IDs. They can be enabled by going to the adapt columns in List view and enabling this field



After you perform this, your list view should look like

How to use unique IDs

You can use these unique IDs for searching the task list to ensure you are in the right task

This can be really valuable if you have multiple task types with the same title.


Using Unique ID for mass update

You can really use Unique IDs to mass update  Requirements, Defects,Project tasks , user stories , sub-tasks. Please note you need to follow a sequence

Option 1:

Step1: select required tasks and download as Template

Step2: Modify the template file manually as you need it.

Step 3: Enter the unique IDs manually

Step 4: upload the modified file to update the tasks

Option 2:

Step1: select tasks and download as Template

Step2: for the same selection download tasks as spreadsheet

Step 3: Copy the IDs from the "Download as Spreadsheet" option to "Download as Template"

Step 4: upload the modified file

Next steps

As we publish more and more blog posts, it’s easy to get last. Please visit the Master Blog post and bookmark it.

To understand an end to end picture, please visit

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