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This blog explains about new Solution Readiness Dashboard (SRD) and its features which is delivered as part of SP12 release of Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager delivery. With this release, old SRD is deprecated and replaced with SAP Fiori Elements Analytical List Page based dashboard. For more information, please go through the blogSupport Package 12 of Focused Build has been released 

What is Solution Readiness Dashboard?

In Focused Build, Solution Readiness Dashboard is used to monitor the progress, issues and milestones of the projects. You can get overview of the current status across all phases of project. 

Below are the features available in the Fiori Overview page which are used in the overview page of the dashboard. 

Variant Management-How to create a view? 

Once the filters are selected from the filter bar and the “Go” button is pressed, the view can be saved as a variant.  

Variant Management

User Settings

User Settings

User Personalization – Manage Cards 

Manage Cards

You can choose the cards which you would like to see on your dashboard.

Save as Tile :

To save as Tile, click on the following icon and proceed. For more information, follow the link.


Filter bar 

Overview Page : Filter bar

Main Project/single Project field is mandatory whereas Build Project and Wave are optional. You can choose desired project, wave to analyse the progress and different status of the project.

Cards in Solution Readiness Dashboard

In Solution Readiness Dashboard, You  have option to choose Main Project, Build Project and corresponding wave. Main Project is mandatory and required to display all the cards.

The cards are resizable and can be repositioned. The contents of cards are based on selections made in filter bar. 

                            Note : Sequence of the colors in the chart are constant

  • Overall Status

  • Requirements

  • Work Packages

  • Work Items

  • Project Tasks

  • Work Package Distribution

  • Work Item Distribution

  • Progress

  • Risks

  • KPI Status

  • Issues

  • Test Status

  • Defect Status

  • Defect Corrections for Work Packages

Let us look into overview of the above listed cards.

Overall Status

This card shows the data related to Projects. The data is extracted from Project Management-Focused Build. You can view the overall status of the Main project and Build project. Also, waves related information.

Navigation is enabled for this card and will lead to Project Management App for more information on the selected Project and waves. For more information refer blog Overall Status Card


All requirements assigned to the selected project are categorized under Realized, To be scoped and In Progress statuses. For more details on the Requirements, kindly follow Requirements Overview Card and Requirements Analytical List Page

Work Packages 

The number of work packages that are assigned to the selected project are displayed in this card.  The data point "Scope Change" refers to percentage of scope change work packages. Details regarding work packages can be found in Work Package card

Work Items 

The number of work items that are assigned to the work packages of the selected project are shown in this card. They are classified based on status groups "In Development" , "Created, "Successfully Tested". Work Item detail page information can be found here: Work Item Details 

Project Tasks 

This card shows the information about the different tasks of the project. The information is retrieved from Project Management App. Data point Days until Next Qgate refers to days remaining from last Qgate until current date for the selected project. To know more about the details , kindly follow the blog  Project Task

Work Package Distribution

This card provides information about Work packages in different status based on project, category or waves. The chart legend describes status of the work packages. For more details kindly check the blog Work Package distribution Card

Work Item Distribution

Work Item data can be analysed in different modes using this card. There are totally four modes.

  • By Project

  • By Category

  • By Wave

  • By Sprint

For more details related to work item distribution can be found in Work Item Distribution Card


This card is best for analyzing the progress of the work Package and Work Item  for selected project. The data point "Successfully Tested" indicates the percentage of work package or Work item based on the mode selected. There are two modes in card.

  • By Work Package

  • By Work Item

Kindly check the blog Progress Card for Work Packages and Work Items for more details.


The number of identified risks assigned to the project can be checked in this card. Bubble chart is used to depict the number of open Risks. Size of the bubble refers to number of Risks. Data point in this card indicates number of open Risks for the selected project. More details on the risk detail page can be found in Risk Details Card

KPI Status

This card interprets KPI  of work package and Work item such as Functional Specification Availability, Test Case Availability etc., and also it supports custom KPI of type documentation. This card has 2 modes i.e.,

  • By Work Package

  • By Work Item

To learn more about this card, Kindly check blog KPI Status Detail Card


The number of identified project issues is shown in this card. The issues are classified according to their priority. Data point in the card header refers to number of open issues. Issues detail page information can be found in the blog Issues Detail Card

Test Status

The stacked column chart shows the percentage of test cases by test classification and their test status according to the selected project. To know more about the card, Kindly check the blog Test Status Detail Card

Defect Status

This card provides information about the open defects for selected project. The data point “Number of Open Defects” shown at the top of card refers to count of open defects. This card has two modes

  • Number of open Defects based on Priority

  • Number of open Defects based on Priority and Aggregated Status

Defect status details can be found in the blog  Defect Status Details 

Defect Corrections for Work Packages

This card depicts status overview of the defect correction created from work packages. To learn more about this card, follow the blog  Defect Corrections 


With SP13, for Solution Readiness Dashboard all the Analytical List Pages have been enhanced with additional filters with the specific ID and Title fields. For more information refer below blog.

Focused Build : ID and Title Filter Settings in Solution Readiness Dashboard

Key Takeaways

  • There are fourteen overview cards in the Solution Readiness Dashboard.

  • We can control the data seen based on the filter applied on filterbar.

  • Most of the cards have navigation enabled to a detail page.

Next Blogs

In the forthcoming blog of this series, we will discuss about the following

  • Prerequisites for configuring the Solution Readiness Dashboard.

  • Detail Pages for each of the card built based on Analytical List Page .

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