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1. What is "Analyze Sentiment" Fiori application?

SAP Fiori application “Analyze Sentiment” allows the user to identify the change in Net Sentiment for a specific topic of interest during a specific period.

2. What are the scenarios / roles supported by the application?

The idea for the application started with the focus on 2 key roles –

  • Sales Representative –to identify sentiment expressed in the social media about a customer or prospective customer
  • Product Manager –to identify the emotions people express about a product, brand or competitor. An interesting use case is the Demand Signal Management (DSiM) scenario where the demand for a product in a certain geographic location can be forecasted based on the sentiment data from that location.

The design of the application allows it to be used for any role or any scenario. Some sample scenarios/roles which we identified during our demos and discussions are as follows –

  • Strategic Purchaser – to use the sentiment information about suppliers as one of the inputs for qualifying them
  • Hiring Manager – to identify the perception about prospective employees

3. How does the application look like?

We have a speed demo which will allow you to click through the application. It can be accessed using the link or you can scan the QR code to launch directly on iPad.

We have published a story in the SAP Demo Store which you can access at (you should have access to the SAP Demo Store).

The topic “Sentiment Analytics including SAP Fiori application Analyze Sentiment and Data Harvesting from Social Media” is part of 2014 ASUG Annual User Conference Usability Testing. If you are planning to attend the conference, please register for the topic and provide your feedback. The feedback you provide will help in refining the application.

4. How are the Net Sentiment and the Net Sentiment trend calculated?

Net Sentiment is always measured for a time period (day or week or month or year) and is for a specific subject. It is the difference between the positive and negative value posts about a subject during a time period. For example, a Net Sentiment of +10 for a product Bumble in calendar week 2 of year 2014 indicates that the difference between the positive and negative sentiments for all posts mentioning Bumble in calendar week 2 of 2014 is +10. The positive value indicates that the overall sentiment for Bumble is positive in calendar week 2. Please note that the Net Sentiment does not given an indication about the volume of social posts which mention Bumble.

Net Sentiment trend gives an indication about the change in Net Sentiment compared on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. A change in Net Sentiment indicates a need for action (depending on the direction of change). The Fiori application provides an option to share the information to a SAP JAM Group for triggering further action.

5. How is data harvested from the Social Channels?

Data is harvested from Social Channels using Datasift. An out of the box Datasift adapter built on top of Business Object Data Services (BODS) enables real-time streaming of data from the social channels.

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