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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Workflow is a comprehensive resource of any enterprise. There have been various enterprise workflow solutions for different platforms in SAP, for cross-functional core business processes like business workflow in S/4HANA, business process management in Process Orchestration etc.

SAP Cloud Platform Workflow is the latest introduction in SAP Cloud offerings, that complements and accelerates, integration and extension of various cloud apps. It is an automation service to unify and streamline enterprise activities - and human centric activity is one of the key task in the workflow.

By definition: “A user task is a flow object in the process that illustrates a task that a human performs. These tasks then appear in My Inbox where processor of the task can complete the task instance, and view description of the task

You can design a new user interface as SAP Fiori based application from the web-based tool or reuse existing HTML5 application that are deployed in SAP Cloud Platform - to configure the user-task in SAP Cloud Platform Workflow or to start the workflow by triggering an action from the application. For example: you can extend HR workflows to include a human centric task of assigning IT-devices like laptops, monitors, cellphones, dual-monitors, desk phone etc. based on the role of the newly hired employee or start the approval workflow for procurement of an IT-equipment or for the travel requests.

My Inbox application, that is shipped with the workflow subscription, helps you to monitor and manage these tasks across various systems and provides functionalities to execute them from single interface.

It has been many months now since the release of SAP Cloud Platform Workflow, and I have been receiving lot of queries on integrating HTML5 application with the user task of the workflow. So, here is the 3-part blog series that covers all the queries on task interface integration in the workflow service.

Part 1: Using the Custom HTML5 application as Task UI in Workflow
Part 2: Using HTML5 application to start workflow
Part 3: Calling external service in Task UI

With this quick guidance, I am sure you will be able to create, integrate and manage your user tasks efficiently and effectively in your workflows. I have tried to cover all the possible use cases with the topic, but if you still have questions then do write back to me or post it here.