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The power and performance of SAP HANA is unquestioned, and the value of the platform can be shown in many ways—one way being when the platform leads to ways of doing business in a new and more competitive way. To that point, one of the most advanced applications enabling business transformation is a suite

of products called SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence which consists of four unique applications built on SAP HANA, namely:

SAP Audience Discovery and Targeting (ADT): is a high performance, UI driven solution that can be used  to segment millions of customers across hundreds of attributes in seconds. 

Put yourself in this example: You have 10 million global customers and want to know how many of them,

      • live  in the US
      • are between the age of 30 and 35
      • have been customers for over 2 years, and
      • who live in a specific region or state.

You do not need to submit this request to an analyst with advanced SQL skills who will access multiple systems to extract data into a third system and run the queries to get you answer. Less than 10 clicks in, the ADT solution would get you the specific customer segment you wanted. And it does not stop there. Although the entire segmentation is done on SAP HANA you can push this list of customers into your SAP CRM campaign management system and trigger a new marketing campaign based on your data.  The solution is integrated into SAP CRM Marketing. This enables you to initiate immediate action on the identified target groups.

SAP Customer Value Intelligence (CVI):  A unique sales revenue and margin analysis solution that provides product recommendations and sales insightto drive enterprise revenue. How? It can provide your sales team with insight into who the most profitable and high revenue customers are with. a list of product recommendations for those customers.  This is the type of analytics information sales teams need to be empowered with the right intelligence to approach customers and close deals. In addition, CVI is an advanced analytic application that uses predictive KPIs to provide to provide intelligent classification of customers according to their lifetime value, loyalty, margin, and revenue.

Strategic insight is most effective when you can take action immediately and CVI users can analyze and identify customer target groups and create initiatives for each group. Again the integration to SAP CRM provides a closed loop solution where the activities and initiatives can be saved to CRM and followed up by sales and marketing teams. The application is especially relevant for B2B customers.

Account Intelligence: is a mobile iPad application for your sales team that gives a 360 degree view of their customers which can be accessed anywhere, anytime. This includes location data, as well as all the related product, contact and related sales information based on CVI. Interestingly, it has the ability to mine through information relevant only for your specific customers and products.

Social Contact Intelligence (SCI): In this new world of social media where there is abundant data but most of it is noise,  SCI is a new  social analytics application that filters all the noise to extract insightful information,  and translates this into business value. It is a channel to listen to the voice of your customer by capturing the sentiment across the social media world on your products and services.  SCI provides intelligence on the product sentiment across the web and on all customer interaction, anonymous or otherwise, either on a company website or outside.

How can you implement these applications and get it to your business users? The rapid deployment solutions team has all the material to implement this solution in weeks.

There are multiple rapid deployment options available, on-premise and on-cloud. The core package is called SAP HANA Customer Engagement Intelligence rapid-deployment solution and it includes a set of SAP BusinessObjects dashboards and reports embedded in the solution apart from all of the product, configuration and training related material.

The current version covers ADT and CVI. Account Intelligence is covered in the Mobile Apps and Infrastructure rapid-deployment solution.  It is planned to include Social Contact Intelligence in a future version of the CEI RDS. External data can be loaded into CVI for example from 3rd party CRM systems using a separate rapid-deployment solution called Rapid data load to HANA applications. Please see the table below for the options.

Solution OptionsSoftware IncludedRapid deployment SolutionsExternal Data
Option 1 Audience Discovery and Targeting (B2C standalone)Audience Discovery and TargetingSAP Customer Engagement Intelligence rapid-deployment solution

Option 2 Customer Value Intelligence (B2B)

Customer Value Intelligence

Audience Discovery and Targeting

Pre-built BusinessObjects Dashboards

SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence rapid-deployment solutionRapid data load into HANA applications
Account IntelligenceAccount IntelligenceSAP Mobile Apps and Infrastructure rapid-deployment solutionRapid data load into HANA applications

     Look out for the follow-up blogson the architecture, implementation and data load to this application suite. Other sites for additional information are:

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