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Check SAP KBA 1715441 , SAP KBA 2462712  and SAP KBA 2553568 before commencing any undeployment activity.



NOTE: Undeployment operations as such are not supported and should be used only in cases where the SAP Basis Admin is well versed with the system landscape and the repercussions of this activity. There is no support for undeployment issues; if unknowingly a component is deployed, the official recommendation is to restore the system to the previous state it was before the deployment was triggered. Hence, you should always take a full offline backup before commencing deployment.

Once the SDAs have been undeployed, the SCA can be undeployed using SAP KBA ##2553568 .

Existing dependencies have to be taken into account while deploying/undeploying. For more details on this, check:

SAP KBA ##2640229 - How to find dependencies of a deployed SDA/SCA on SAP AS Java


On older releases, use the SDM tool. Check:

Undeploying Software/ Development component on NetWeaver Java release 7.0x



The purpose of this document is to list all the undeployment options available to undeploy .SDA (Software Deployment Archive), .SCA (Software Component Archive), .EAR (Enterprise Archive) or .WAR (Web Archive) files on SAP J2EE servers Netweaver release: 7.1/7.2/7.3, 7.4 and the upcoming 7.5 version. For a similar knowledge base article for the deployment of these components, check SAP KBA document :


In earlier SAP releases (version 6.40 and 7.00) the Software Deployment manager (SDM) tool could have been easily used for this. However, it has depreciated in the latter releases. For more information, check: Undeploying Components - Using Java - SAP Library




Option 1


The best option to use is the J2EE TELNET "UNDEPLOY" command.

1) Open telnet connection and run the below commands:

> lsc (to list the available server nodes)

> jump <server node> (usually jump 0)

> add deploy

> undeploy -h (to get the command syntax and all the available options. For more information, check:

(JAS-ADM)DeployController Commands - SAP Netweaver Application Server Java - SCN Wiki


For example: >undeploy name= on_undeploy_error=stop


If you wish to undeploy multiple SDAs , use the "list" option to supply an XML file as argument. Here is the syntax to run that command from telnet:

undeploy list=D:\usr\sap\UndeployItems.xml

on_undeploy_error=skip_depending on_prerequisite_error=skip_depending


******************* ******************* ******************* **** ******

The XML file has to be EXACTLY in the below format (including the case and spaces)


<DevelopmentComponentLine name="dev_comp1_name" vendor="vendor1_name"></DevelopmentComponentLine>

<DevelopmentComponentLine name="dev_comp2_name" vendor="vendor2_name"></DevelopmentComponentLine>





******************* ******************* ******************* **** ******


******************* ******************* ******************* **** ******

For example:


<DevelopmentComponentLine name="tc~sec~diagtool~ear" vendor=""></DevelopmentComponentLine>



******************* ******************* ******************* **** ******

NOTE: This will not calculate the dependencies though. If the operation fails, the logs will give you an idea on the dependency involved and then you can make a call on whether you wish to undeploy them in that order as well. Once all the SDAs related to the SCA are removed, then the "undeploy_empty_sca" command can be used to delete the empty SCA from the server.
This is extremely useful in cases where the SCA in question has many SDAs, like the GP-CORE SCA that has more than 102 deployed components and undeploying one by one can be a cumbersome affair.

For more help, check SAP KBA 2462712 .



Option 2

The Netweaver Developer Studio undeploy view can also be used to this purpose. Firstly navigate to NWDS -> window -> preferences and maintain the j2ee server details:





Now open the undeploy view by clicking on Window -> show view -> other



and select the undeploy view:



Once this is done, you can select the DC components that are part of the SCAs that need to be undeployed. It is also possible to select the whole SCA file using this technique:


Also do check:


Option 3
The guiconsole.bat in the location /usr/sap/<SID>/J<nr>/j2ee/console is a script that will inturn open the telnet application and you can commence undeployment as mentioned in option 1.

Option 4

ANT scripts can be used for undeployment of SDAs. For more information on this, check: