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I came up with the following instruction to help customer quickly change the target OLAP data source defined in CMC from one source to another (One with SSO configured\another with hardcoded user credential).  As of current Design Studio 1.6.x there is no option to change the data source unless you want to re-map your components.   The standard recommended approach to migrate your data source would have been to point your data source using a OLAP connection and change the definitions once objects are migrated via promotion management. 

The instruction below show you how to switch your existing DS connection object from one to another of the same type.  I have tested this switch between from one OLAP connection to another OLAP connection.  Below are limitations and disclaimers.

  1. I have not test the switch between OLAP to UNX for example and doubt it will work as they are structurally different.
  2. Design Studio application is target to publish to BOE
  3. This instruction is not supported by SAP

When you save your DesignStudio application to BOE, the application will store the project as an XML file.  You can locate this file under the properties of the object in the CMC.  To find the full path of where this .xml file is stored, you will need to access the Input FRS > Placeholder > + properties of the application.

Once you determine where this XML is located, you can retrieve this XML to your favorite text editor and search for the string DATA_SOURCE_CONNECTION.  With the CUID pointed object change save this and retrieve this objects via DS.

Why did I do above when we can promote content and change connection definitions? 

- When you have single BOE system

- When you build your DS applications and at last minute to direction of which data source to use

- No really good reason but it works....