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There might come a time when you have perhaps preformed SP level upgrade of your BW system and you notice some objects are throwing ABAP dumps when you try to open them. If these are standard objects then there are ways you can fix the issue.

ABAP dump when trying to open object in BW system

Note: First identify if the issue happened in any of the lower environment i.e. DEV, QA etc. If the issue occured in the lower environment also then it could very well be that the object is inconsistent hence you might need to fix the same and then do a transport to the next target.

However if none of the lower environment faced this issue and only PRD then following is the option for you to follow in such case.

In my case after system upgrade when I try to option the Active/Delivery version of the InfoObject or execute Attribute change run of my object 0PM_ORDER I was getting the above mentioned dump in ST22. This was happening in SAP NetWeaver 7.5 SP27.

How to Fix this:

  1. From the ST22 dump information, you need to find field L_S_DTA_PRO-IOBJNM and it will give you the object in question here.

  2. Reinstall the InfoObject from BI Content using (tcode - RSOR) and removing checkbox "Match (X) or Copy". Please note that the Active version will be overwritten.

  3. See reference SAP note 3106415 - InfoObject activation error: Nav. attribute &1 for characteristic &2 as InfoProvider cannot be used


Other options:

If you try the above and it still dumps then it is very likely that in the job log you will see this object is probably having dependencies with other objects or have dependencies from custom characteristics. In that case you will see messages like below:

InfoObject XXXXXXX is used in transfer rules (M) of characteristic XXXXXXX.

InfoObject XXXXXXX is used in transfer rules (M) of characteristic XXXXXXX.


Therefore, the proper way to fix the issue would be to re-transport 0PM_ORDER and its dependent objects, so the references are fixed in target system. Re-installing form BI Content will not work here because you could have other dependencies from custom characteristics aswell.



Hope this helps.