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While trying to start the SAP web dispatcher with auto_restart option in the command line I was unable to start the web dispatcher.

Sometimes the web dispatcher crashed with a core dump.

Environment :

SAP web dispatcher version:

Kernel release: 773
Patch level:  26

Error :

Here I was using the auto_restart function to start the web dispatcher.


From the release of SAP web dispatcher 773 the option 'auto_restart' is deprecated and we must no longer use the auto_restart option. To resolve the issue I added the 'Autostart' and 'Restart_Program_00 ' in the web dispatcher profile.

The SAP Start Service can be used to start and stop Web Dispatcher. It also monitors the Web Dispatcher process and automatically restart it if necessary. This restart feature can therefore be used to replace the -auto_restart option of Web Dispatcher.

The Autostart option will make sure that the Web Dispatcher process is started immediately after starting SAP Start Service. If the automatic restart feature is not required, Restart_Program_00 can be replaced with Start_Program_00.

With these parameters added to the profile, Web Dispatcher can now be started with the command:
sapstartsrv pf=<profile>


Post this I was able to start the Web Dispatcher successfully.


Helpful reference : SAP start service

Helpful SAP notes :

908097 - SAP Web Dispatcher: Release, Installation, Patches, Documentation

2021149 - SAP Web Dispatcher option -auto_restart is obsolete

Let me know in case any queries.


Kind regards,

Manjunath Hanmantgad