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Starting from scratch over and over again might have mediative side effects and nurtures your personal patience. But let`s be honest, not everyone is looking for the ultimate Zen when it comes to coding. Moreover we want to get things done, enjoy achievements, and head on for the next scenario.

You see yourself in that? And you want to extend the SAP Fiori launchpad? - We got news for you:

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From today on you will be more productive than ever using templates in SAP Web IDE. These templates provide starter coding for SAP Fiori launchpad plugins offering the best ever extensibility experience.

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OK?! Too much! Let`s look at the facts:

  1. SAP Fiori launchpad offers a plugin concept that allows to inject custom coding into the shell at runtime.

  2. SAP Fiori launchpad plugins are built using SAPUI5 components.

  3. SAP Fiori launchpad has a renderer extension api that can be used to add additional elements into the shell.

  4. SAP Web IDE now comes with a template feature that allows to generate SAP Fiori launchpad plugin skeletons, ready to use, if needed with sample coding.

  5. From SAP Web IDE you can deploy these plugins straight into your platform (as long as it is SAP NetWeaver ABAP or SAP Cloud Platform)

Sounds good? OK. Let`s get you started.

First you need a SAP Cloud Plattform account. Trial is sufficient, if you have a paid account even better. You might have used SAP Web IDE before. And maybe you have heard of the new SAP Web IDE for full stack development already. This is the one we need. The template feature we want to use does not come with the standard SAP Web IDE.

After SAP Web IDE has loaded, you have to activate the feature. Let`s not waste words on that, let pictures speak:

After reloading SAP Web IDE you will be able to generate a simple SAP Fiori launchpad plugin that is already fully functional and optionally comes with sample coding. This just needs a few steps in the template wizard:

From here on, only your creativity is the limit. A ready to test, run and improve FLP plugin is now part of your workspace. Some inspiration needed? Look at the sample we have shared at UI5Con lately. Or read more about the template feature in the docs!

Happy SAP Fiori launchpad extending!

The next post of our UI5ers Buzz blog series will cover the new troubleshooting tutorial.

How are we doing? Let us know by leaving a comment here or contacting us in the slack channel

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Talk to you soon,


Thilo is a Product Owner in the SAP Fiori launchpad product team and a relentless SAPUI5 Fanboy.