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SAPUI5 goes TechEd Las Vegas & Barcelona – We’re ready for three days packed with hacking together with UI5 techies from all over the world!

In here we’ll give you a quick overview of our upcoming topics and the SAPUI5 Experts on stage. Check out all SAPUI5 sessions and the detailed Agenda for Vegas and Barcelona:

TechEd Las Vegas TechEd Barcelona

Where will the SAPUI5 journey go?

Right now, SAPUI5 is a JavaScript framework specialized to develop enterprise-ready Web apps, including SAP Fiori apps. It combines new qualities such as openness, flexibility, and high speed of innovation with established SAP strengths like enterprise readiness and standard support. But what will its future look like? Chief Product Owner Stefan Beck will take you on a journey through the SAPUI5 roadmap and give an overview of current and planned capabilities.

SAPUI5 RoadmapSAPUI5 Evolution


Get Started Building High Quality Apps – From Great Design to Functional SAPUI5

Follow our UX and Dev Experts to get started building apps that truly meet your users‘ needs. Experience the design process of SAP, learn prototyping with BUILD, and finally create fully grown SAP Fiori apps on the base of SAPUI5. Fiori Concept Veterans Janina and Jan will show you the UX perspective going hand in hand with UI5 Old Hand Michael and New Comer Merlin. This way you’ll learn using latest technology while having an eye on current design guidelines. Don’t miss out on tips and tricks for data binding and performance from our guys who definitely will make your SAPUI5 development a lot easier.

Design and Build your SAP Fiori AppsBuild High-Quality Apps with SAPUI5


Dodge the Bullet: Improve Your Code and Troubleshoot it Easily

Fixing apps is daily business of us devs: callback issues, reduced performance, garbage collection, tight coupling of event and business processes, and incorrect CSS overrides are messy and time-consuming. But Michael is your go to guy when it comes to coding issues! He’ll show you hands-on what and where things usually go wrong. Additionally, UI5 Pro Matthias will give useful insights into integrating the UI5 Support Tools and guide you through successfully analyzing and debugging hidden issues in your app.

Five Mistakes in UI5 I've Learned From and You can, TooTroubleshoot your App


Realize Continuous Integration for Apps with SAPUI5

Ever wondered about how to flexibly automate your development lifecycle? UI5 developers Merlin and Matthias will show how to support continuous integration with build processes for apps with SAPUI5 - and give you a glimpse of the flexible, yet stable build tooling they're already working on. Follow their deep dive into automated tests like QUnit and OPA, as well as migration processes and have a closer look into real issues with Matthias afterwards in his code-review session!

Continous Integration


Flexibility is Key: Make SAP Fiori Apps Work the Way You Do

Ever wish you could add or reorder frequently used fields? Learn how SAPUI5 flexibility allows power users to customize apps intuitively and discover how to easily rename or hide fields and share this with your team. No coding, no breaking the app and no impact on the system admin’s duties - adapt SAP Fiori apps to fit the way you work!

SAPUI5 FlexibilitySimple Ways to Enable Your SAP Fiori Apps for UI Adaptation


Get on a Hitch-Hike to Demo Apps and Tutorials for SAPUI5

There are many hidden gems waiting to be discovered in our new SAPUI5 Demo Kit and we consistently update our demo apps and tutorials to reflect the latest recommendations for SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori. Name a feature that you would like to know more about and enjoy a free ride across our demo apps, tools, templates, tutorials, and learning materials in this interactive networking session.

A Hitchhiker's Guide to Demo Apps and Tutorials for SAPUI5


We're looking forward to meet you in Vegas - say Hi on the show floor or join the sessions to get active!

Let us know what you think beforehand by leaving a comment here or simply contact us on slack in the OpenUI5 channel!



Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more buzz straight from the UI5 Labs next week.

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Jacky is UI5 Evangelist and UX Designer at SAP, working with the UI5 devs to make the framework better every day. She’s always looking for ways to improve User Experiences – no matter if it’s fancy web design, creative furniture or a dashing event.