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Word is out that a new User Interface era has begun - why? Well, last week’s UI5con@SAP wowed the crowd with a potpourri of revelations all about UI5. Let's have a look:

First, Lead Architect Peter Müßig introduced the innovation project called UI5 Evolution. He explained that the project will be targeting modularization, performance and trends in the upcoming months.
The modularization allows a fine granular usage of individual modules of the framework. This will directly affect the performance as the amount of resources being loaded can be significantly reduced. Together with the deprecation of synchronous requests, getting rid of Globals and a paradigm shift from runtime to build time will further increase the performance of UI5 applications. In addition, we want to leverage existing and emerging trends and technologies on top of the UI5 codebase.

In short, UI5 Evolution tackles 4 focus areas:

Of course, we’re no wizards and this is not Hogwarts, but we’re working hard on improvements to meet your needs out there. And, as always, the cooperation with the UI5 community is still paramount.

Speaking of magic: did you already get a glimpse at the second revelation - our new UI5 Phoenix? With UI5 Evolution in mind, we figured it’s time for our logo to get a little facelift, too.


Not only the freshly hatched Logo, but also the brand new Demo Kit was revealed and is now available for SAPUI5 and OpenUI5! Marking the gateway to the UI-Framework, it will help kick-start your journey with UI5. Get started by building your own Fiori Apps from scratch or download an App Template for quick customization. Find answers to your questions in the Tutorial steps or the First-aid Kit, get Control code fast in the Samples area and check out our handy Tools to create best of breed Apps. Stay tuned to hear more about this in our next UI5ers Buzz by Petya!

So here we are – state of the art technology that has summoned a huge community over the past 8 years. A Community who has created a whole network around OpenUI5 and even initiated 3 international UI5cons! With the 4th and so far biggest UI5con, we wanted to give something back to this huge fellowship of the Phoenix. With 65 speakers and 400 attendees from inside and outside SAP, we wanted to build bridges and strengthen the network – have a look Hans’ and Arnd’s blog posts to get more insights.

We’re looking forward to how the UI5 environment evolves, stick around to get your weekly buzz and let us know what you think by leaving a comment here.

The next post of our UI5ers Buzz blog series will cover the new SAPUI5 Demo Kit.

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Stay curious,


Jacky is UI5 Evangelist and UX Designer at SAP, working with the UI5 devs to make the framework better every day. She's always looking for ways to improve User Experiences - no matter if it's fancy web design, creative furniture or a dashing event.