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We are happy to share release candidate 7 of UI5 Web Components with you.

In our latest release we are expanding our components set with three new components. Moreover, we spent quite some time improving the quality & accessibility of UI5 Web Components. Last but definitely not least, we are proud to share with you that now we have completed the full integration with UI theme designer. In other words, now everyone using UI5 Web Components can create their custom theme and use it in production applications!

You are welcome to get a taste on our release candidate, we are looking forward to receiving your feedback!

UI5 Web Components Team



? EXCLUSIVE: Full integration with UI theme designer

With RC7 we are shipping a long awaited feature by many stakeholders: custom theming with UI theme designer! This means that you can create a custom theme with UI theme designer and seamlessly integrate it in your production applications. For ease, we have created a step by step tutorial which you can find here.


New components have arrived

The set of components UI5 Web Components provides, keeps on expanding! RC7 offers you three new components: Date Time Picker, Duration Picker and Upload Collection.




For more samples and API reference, do not hesitate to visit our Playground.



In our latest version we continued investing a significant amount of time improving the accessibility of our components. This topic is still in progress, but fair part of it was already finished. This means that your applications built with UI5 Web Components will cover all of the SAP Accessibility Standards.


Tab container major refactoring & made fully extendable

This topic was brought to life by the feedback we received from our community. We received numerous feature requests for creating custom tabs. Now this is fully possible. We appreciate your feedback, so get in touch with us if you might have any questions!



For further details and especially in case you need to adapt your applications please check out the full changelog. Your feedback is valuable for us, so let us know what you think!


What is coming around the corner?

In our next version we plan to include the accessibility topic as we already mentioned. Furthermore, we will invest our efforts in implementing new components (e.g. Tree, Notification List, Date Range Selection), which were requested by stakeholders of UI5 Web Components. After introducing the custom theming support we are one step closer to the release of the long awaited 1.0.0 version. However, we still have some important topics left in our roadmap, as one of them is OpenUI5/SAPUI5 integration. Stay tuned!