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The information in this blog refers to a feature that is deprecated.

For a list of deprecated features and possible alternatives that you can use instead, see SAP note 2204286.

I decided to write a blog as I feel that there are a lot of questions that customers are asking about UFP that need to be answered.

The Unified Framework Page (UFP) was introduced due to the highly increased use of standards-based web applications, applications based on UI5, and the need to run them in-place in the portal and not only by using navigation mode 10 - ‘Display in separate headerless portal window (standards mode)’.

The UFP is lean framework page and is lacking some capabilities that customers are used to in the Ajax Framework Page (AFP).

for example, as you can see in this image, there is no 2nd level in the top level navigation.

You can find documentation about the available UFP capabilities on the SAP Help Portal:

One of UFP’s main restrictions is that it is not customizable. Customers who want to use the UFP should understand this point before starting to build scenarios for UFP.

You can find restrictions and limitations in this SAP Note 1827687 (Known issues for the Unified Framework Page).

As of 7.40 SP7 / 7.31 SP12 the UFP is completely themeable. In order to change the theme you will need to use the UI Theme Designer.

See the following for more information

Working with the UI Theme Designer - Portal - SAP Library

Customizing the portal using the new UI Theme Designer - Part 1

Customizing the portal using the new UI Theme Designer - Part 2

By the way, I also wanted to mention that  In 7.31 SP12 and 7.4 SP7 we introduce a new FWP called Fiori Framework Page (FFP),

which integrate the Fiori Launchpad into the Portal and allows wonderful User Experience and cross device support.

You can find documentation on the available FFP capabilities in the following links:

  2. Note 2008931 - Known issues for Fiori Framework Page (FLP on Portal)

It is important to understand that the UFP will not be enhanced and features will not be developed for it.

Therefore I recommend moving to FFP for a better overall UX experience.

I Hope this blog will help you make the right decisions for your business cases on portal.