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Every once in a while, an error reminds us of Murphy's law: Everything that can possibly go wrong will go wrong.

This particular error can have several root causes and I was meant to bump into many of them as I was trying to log in through the XS Advanced client. This message kept leaving me out:

Authentication failed. UAA at http://your-host:30032 uaa-security is not up

I knew the service was up. That is how it must feel to knock on a door knowing there is somebody inside and not being invited in.

Added to the frustration of not being able to continue with my coding, I found many people posting forever-unanswered questions. I decided to make something productive out of my troubleshooting time and create a How-to compiling possible solutions.

I will also leave this chart of ports and their associated service in a HANA server (using instance number 00), as it may become handy:

Basic Server Settings

  • 22 : SSH connectivity to the server

  • 80 : HTTP

  • 1128 : SAP Host Agent

  • 1129 : SAP Host Agent SSL

  • 4300 : SAP Web Dispatcher as part of the SAP HANA installation

  • 8000 : SAP Web Dispatcher as part of the SAP HANA installation

  • 30015 : SQL/MDX access port for standard database access. Access to these ports must be enabled for all database clients, for example, applications, application servers, end-user clients, and SAP HANA Studio.

  • 50013 : Instance Agent

  • 50014 : Instance Agent SSL

Smart Data Services

  • 9090 : Used by the Web Service Provider for SOAP requests

  • 9091 : Used by the Web Service Provider for REST request

  • 9092 : Used by the Web Service Provider for Websocket requests

  • 9093 : Used by Streaming Web Service for Websocket & REST requests

  • 30026 : Used for HANA Studio to connect to the Streaming server

  • 30028 : External port for Remote Data Sync

  • 65532 - 65534 : Each Streaming project required 3 ports to be used for the Gateway, SQL and Command ports. The current configuration opens 3 ports which will support running 1 project. To run additional projects the user will need to open 3 more ports for each project.

XSA Services

  • 30000-30040: XSA Central Services

  • 39928: XSA Central Services

  • 53075: XSA Web IDE for SAP HANA

  • 53001-53010: XSA Internal Services

  • 51000-51100: XSA Public Services

  • 50000-50300: XSA Public Services

  • 49013: Application Endpoints

  • 49015-49022: Application Endpoints

  • 49030: Application Endpoints

  • 55742: Application Endpoints


I hope it helps other developers get their hands busy with coding cool stuff.