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“Innovation” is a word that gets thrown around a lot in technology forums and while businesses want to be innovative, it can be a struggle to connect technical advances with business improvements.  The need exists to break through the noise and perhaps the jargon and make investments in technology integral to day-to-day operations.


Today, one of the biggest struggles in the business environment is data.  The amount of data available and how to use it has been an issue that businesses have faced for several years.  An example is SAP ActiveAttention customer, Aptar. Aptar needed to digitize and streamline processes and deliver real-time access data and insights to make fast, informed decisions. Aptar wanted to provide stakeholders with a more flexible and robust system to assist in making faster, data-driven decisions. In partnership with SAP, the company is on a path to migrate to SAP S/4HANA as it plans to leverage the analytical insights along with the technical infrastructure of SAP for its business. With faster analytics, reporting, and information on hand in a situation where industry trends are pushing Aptar to move at an accelerated pace, this will help support its long-term business strategy.  Read more about their journey here.


Hewlett-Packard Enterprises (HPE) was formed to focus on developing and selling innovative IT solutions. But to fulfill the world’s growing need for cloud services and intelligent technology, HPE would need to update its own IT stack. HPE faced the challenge of a complex legacy IT landscape with 10 different ERP systems and different systems and processes across regions that prevented a consistent customer experience.

To address the challenges, HPE implemented a standardized platform on SAP S/4HANA® that provided consistency and reduced customizations to less than 10%.  They leveraged their SAP MaxAttention™ program to provide design validation, planning and execution services, and in-depth testing to help ensure project success.  Get the story including other important KPI improvements here.


Danish company KMD is an SAP partner dedicated to helping governments and businesses work efficiently.  For years, KMD relied on SAP® solutions including SAP HANA®.  But more recently, the company’s shifting business needs called for upgrading identity access management and numerous IT architectural improvements.  Read more here on how SAP ActiveAttention™ services, provided expert support for a struggling project to upgrade KMD’s identity access management using SAP Customer Identity and Access Management solutions.


With roughly 34 GW of installed generation capacity across its environmentally friendly hydroelectric and gas plants, Uniper SE offers individual power, heat, and natural gas supply to industrial customers and energy partners around the globe.  Uniper worked with the SAP ActiveAttention™ services team to deploy several innovative solutions that are part of SAP’s Business Technology Platform, including SAP® Cloud Platform Mobile Services and SAP Fiori® apps built on SAP Cloud Platform. One basic cloud infrastructure that can be extended from central ERP, mobile apps that can be easily adapted to various roles and scenarios, machine learning, a roadmap for robotic automation, and a 3 month roll out of bots are among the innovations Uniper achieved. You can find more details on how expert support through SAP ActiveAttention helped with the innovations here.


Embracing innovative technology is a real business changer in today’s business environment.  Seeing examples of how businesses integrate innovations and as a result, realize actual business improvements can remove the mystery and turn jargon into practicality.