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ExtremeTech Challenge (XTC) recently chose a company run by a friend of mine called Wanderu to compete as one of the top 10 companies at CES in Las Vegas. This is a great honor, being invited to the world’s largest consumer electronics show. I know she is excited and anxious, I expect to hear great news coming out of the show. 

Out of the 10 companies invited, what is the ultimate prize? The three chosen winners will get the chance to Pitch Sir Richard Branson on his private island, Necker.

As I read through the start-up company profiles, I noticed a common thread. Whether these companies were building devices or providing services, they were all connected to the mega trend we know as the Networked Economy.

In What’s Trending at #CES2015 – Part 3, Shawn DuBravac, Chief Economist for The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) talks about the connection of devices, from smart hones to appliances to our cars how it’s changing the overall experience, in how we live and work today. 

While the established global brands are recognizing this trend, adjusting their processes and internal infrastructure to provide a more personalized customer
experience, the young start-ups are thinking this way from inception.

I would love to highlight all10 start-ups that were chosen in this challenge, but that would make it a lengthy write-up. I’ve decided to choose the two young startups that are not only part of the fast growing hypperconnectivity trend, but also address road safety. 

Did you know that the top three biggest causes of fatalities on the road are Alcohol (30.8%), Speeding (30%) and Distracted driving (26%)? Skully and Breathometer have come up with wearable technology that addresses these causes and is a great examples of the Networked Economy in action.


For the motorcycle enthusiasts, Skully, founded in 2013 by the Weller brothers, offers a smart motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth and internet connectivity to your smartphone, audio visual GPS navigation and rear-view camera all in one.  The idea is to give the rider the ultimate
riding experience while enhancing motorcycle safety through technology.


For all the wine enthusiasts, Breathometer founded by Charles Michael Yim in September 2012 is the first portable Breathalyzer platform, called Breeze. The device offers law enforcement grade accuracy of BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) levels and also analyzes your drinking trends. The smart app makes recommendations of how long before you are back to zero and ways to get home or where to stay nearby.

The future of wearable technology is here to stay. These examples demonstrate how in a Networked Economy, activities like safely riding a motorcycle or drinking a glass of wine and knowing when you’re sober enough to get behind the wheel are optimized by the introduction of smart wearable technology.These devices are not only capturing and analyzing our behavior, but helping us make smarter decisions.

One thing is certain, whether you’re a large global enterprise or a 20-person startup; the mega trend of the Networked Economy will continue to accelerate.

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