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With SAP BI 4.0 one can customize the landing page of BI launch pad by creating a custom BI workspace, this can be done by a user himself or an administrator can customize the homepage for a particular user group.

A BI workspace allows you to organize and display different BI platform data sources, such as CR or WebI reports, hyperlinks, BI launch pad modules such as inbox or alerts, or external web pages, in a single view. With the ability to set any BI workspace as custom homepage, you can bring the most relevant information to the attention of a particular user group when they logging into BI launch pad.

You can also set the landing page to a particular folder.

In this tutorial learn how to change the BI launch pad home page for a user group.

Create a BI workspace

  1. Login on to BI launch pad as Administrator
    1. Note that you are seeing the default BI launch pad homepage
  2. Open the BI workspace application
  3. Create a new BI workspace document. For this tutorial you may create any BI workspace you like or follow the steps a to e below for a very basic BI workspace.
    1. Remove one of the column of the default BI workspace

    2. Navigate to the BI launch pad modules

    3. Drag the My Recently Viewed Documents, My Recently Run Documents and My Alerts into the first column of the BI workspace
    4. Navigate to the Document Explorer modules
    5. Drag the Inbox module into the second column of the BI workspace. Resize the Inbox analytic to fit into the entire column
  4. If you also want to change the banding of BI launch pad, then follow this step otherwise you can move on to the next step. In order for the custom homepage to inherit the BI launch pad branding styles, you need to match the style of a BI workspace to the style of BI launch pad
    1. From the first tab of the workspace, click Properties.
    2. In the Properties dialog select the icon of the option immediately before the (last) Default style option and close the Properties dialog.
  5. Save the BI workspace in any public folder. Remember where you save the BI workspace.
  6. Logout of BI launch pad

Change the BI launch pad preferences for the Everyone user group

  1. Login to CMC as Administrator
  2. Navigate to the User and Groups page
  3. Open the BI launch pad Preferences page for the Everyone group via the right click menu
  4. Deselect the No Preferences Defined checkbox
  5. Select home tab and browse to the folder where you saved the BI workspace that you created previously 
  6. Save & Close the BI launch pad Preferences page
  7. Logout of CMC

Verify the custom homepage

  1. Login on to BI launch pad as Administrator
    1. Note that you are seeing the BI workspace that you have created as home page

Additional comments

Via the BI launch pad Preferences page you are also able to change other preferences such as the default folder that a user will be navigated to when they login to  BI launch pad. You can also change which columns will be displayed in the Document Tab and how many documents will be displayed per page.

As administrator you cannot define preferences for users, only for groups. When preferences have not been defined for a group they are inherited from its closest parent. The closest parent is defined as the group(s) that the group is a direct descendant of.

Default preferences out of the box are set on the Everyone group. Changing these  preferences updates the default preferences for all groups that do not have preferences defined for them or their parent groups.

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