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Product and Topic Expert


SAP ERP is used by most of the customers and it is extended and amended based on the specific need and requirements of their organization. Extension could be simple or complex depending upon the requirement, can span across few applications, can be new piece of ABAP code or modification of existing standard code. There have been new extension strategies with SAP S/4HANA. It is majorly separated as (a) In-App extensions and (b) Side-by-Side extensions.

As part of in-app extension (which is available only for SAP S/4HANA Cloud versions), all the extensions exist in the same S/4HANA system and there is no need for any remote communication between the app and the extension. One of the extension point is Custom Business Objects. You can try out the tutorials that are nicely compiled in this blog series from ulrike.liebherr.

Side-by-side extensions are achieved using SAP Cloud Platform services. If customers are not able to accomplish their need from in-app extensions, then this is an alternate approach. Among various available extension scenarios, extension of business logic is one of them as there is always a constant need and demand to extend standard business logic to cater to ever changing policies which are very specific to organizations. Using SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules, customers can extend their business logic independent of the S/4HANA in a centrally managed repository and common entity model and lifecycle approach, with capabilities to communicate and deploy directly to S/4HANA system.

note: This extension is available from 1811 release of SAP S/4HANA Cloud



These set of well-crafted tutorials are prepared for you to learn on how-to extend your custom business object to include business logic authored, managed and deployed from SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules.



Here is the sequenced overview of the tutorials, which need to be run one-after-another:

Group: Extend Custom Business Object with Business Rules in S/4HANA Cloud

Tutorial Name Description Time
Define  Destination for S/4HANA Cloud Create a destination in SAP Cloud Platform cockpit that will be used to connect to the S/4HANA cloud system 10 minutes
Configure System in SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules Add and configure the system based on the SAP Cloud Platform destination in SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules, to create and deploy rules 5 minutes
Import Business Rules with Custom Business Object Use Business Rules Import option to import template rules project that will be used to create business rule models on custom business object. 15 minutes
Create Decision Table based Rules Create decision table type business rules to calculate bonus percentage based on eligibility dates and assignment factor of bonus plan custom business object. 20 minutes
Create Rule Service and Ruleset Create and activate ruleset and rule service artefacts as part of Bonus Plan Percentage Calculation rules project 20 minutes
Deploy  Rules Service to S/4HANA Cloud After successfully activating all business rules models, deploy the business rules in S/4HANA cloud system for consumption 5 minutes
Implement Business Rules Logic in Custom Business Object Modify the business rules logic in custom business object to invoke the business rules for bonus percentage calculation of custom business object. 15 minutes