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What do you need to try out the Internet of Things (IoT Service)?


You need a free SAP Cloud Platform developer account (trial instance): Signing Up for a Developer Account.

Note: We recommend that you use the Firefox or Chrome Web Browser.



How to Subscribe to the IoT Service?


Enabling the IoT service

  1. Log on the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit:

  2. Go to the Services tab.

  3. Select the Internet of Things Service entry.



  1. Choose Enable.

  • A subscription of the IoT Service will be automatically assigned to your account. This subscription includes Remote Device Management Service (including IoT Cockpit) and Message Management Service capabilities.

  • The "IoT-User" role is automatically assigned to your user. The role is required to access the Internet of Things Services Cockpit.


Further documentation: > Getting Started > Enabling the Internet of Things Services



How to Get Started?


Accessing the IoT service cockpit


The Internet of Things services Cockpit allows you to register devices in a secure manner. Every device must have a certain device type which is specified by its supported message types. You can define both types in the IoT Cockpit as well.


  1. Choose Go to Service for the Internet of Things services subscription.

  2. The Internet of Things Service Cockpit is displayed.



Deploying Message Management Service


The deployment of the Message Management Service (MMS) is necessary to be able to send data from a device to your consumer account.


  1. Go to the Internet of Things Service Cockpit.

  2. Choose the Deploy Message Management Service tile which opens the MMS deployment tooling.


  1. Fill in the target consumer Account ID (pre-filled) from the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit, and enter your User Name (pre-filled) and Password.


Further documentation: > Getting Started > Deploying the Message Management Service (MMS)


You can now start creating Message Types, Device Types and Devices in the Internet of Things Services Cockpit and send data from a device. The following section describes an example.


How to connect my first device?


The Starter Kit for the SAP Cloud Platform IoT Services  includes a documentation, and code snippets, which provide a complete end-to-end example of how to use the IoT services. You will learn how to enable the services as well as how to send messages and how to receive push messages. Moreover, a sample data consumption UI is provided. Further tutorials and blogs can be found on our SAP Cloud Platform IoT Service Jump Page.

Questions and Feedback?

We highly appreciate your questions or feedback. Please add your comments below. Furthermore we have a section FAQ in the documentation with a collection of frequently asked questions and provided solutions.


Additionally, you can keep yourself up to date by visiting the Release Notes page for the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Internet of Things services regularly.