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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

The good news!

With the recently introduced free tier model you can try out SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition for free. See Christian’s blog for more information, including features, functions, and restrictions.

As an employee you need to contact the administrator of your organization’s SAP BTP global account to create such a subscription. Alternatively, you need to be granted access to an account, so that you can go on your own.

More good news!

Did you know that not only companies, but also individuals can order an SAP BTP account in the Pay-As-You-Go commercial model? *see footnote below

With such an account you can also sign up as an individual and try out SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition. Interested? All you need is a credit card and to follow the instructions given on Get started with SAP BTP for free.

Once your order is fulfilled you can use your own SAP BTP Global Account to explore SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition in the free tier model and many other applications and services.

Even better!

Regardless whether you can use your organization’s subscription or you are up on your own with your personal account: The mission Get Started with SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition (Free Tier) gives you the directions on your way to get real hands-on experiences! This mission provides you with easy to consume chucks of learning and guidance. It shows you how to create a subscription, perform basic setup, and how to explore SAP MDG’s capabilities with examples and screenshots.

* Footnote: Sign-up for individuals is not available in all countries, see