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SAP Support tries to be proactive in giving resolutions out to the customer to be readily available before the need arises.

Based on some internal and external installation of SAP Mobility products, the followings KBA articles will help user troubleshoot Password issue. This article

can be used as reference to known Agentry Password issue.

1. SAP KBA # 2193329 - "Invalid user name or password" error when a Transmit session is restarted after an Error 14 - Agentry and SAP Work Manager 6.1

2. SAP KBA # 2152633 - (Agentry) SSO change Password issue (expiration) - SAP Work Manager 6.1 - SMP 3.0 SP04 - SP07

3. SAP KBA # 2160699 - SAP Work Mgr. - Change password not possible in Agentry

4. SAP KBA # 2133215 - Unable to do a local password change in Agentry iOS and Android clients

5. SAP KBA # 2289528 - Changing expired password from mobile device

How to KBA

1. SAP KBA # 1839866 - How does the password get encrypted in Agentry? - Agentry and SAP Mobile

2. SAP KBA # 2204360 - Disable(remove) "Change Password" from Agentry Client Login screen - How to

3. SAP KBA # 1919419 - How to change password in an Agentry Android 6.0.34 client

4. SAP KBA # 1815951 - How to access the database name, userID or database password in Agentry to be used in the mobile application? - Agentry

5. SAP KBA # 2287631 - Service Manager expired user password process

6. SAP KBA # 1867137 - How to Create a Self-Signed Certificate Using OpenSSL for Agentry?

7. SAP KBA # 1867061 - How to Create a Self-Signed Certificate Using Microsoft's Certificate Creation Tool? - Agentry

8. SAP KBA # 1839867 - How does encrypted client and encrypted data work in Agentry? - Agentry and SAP Mobile

9. SAP KBA # 2095690 - How to make SSO work if user have deactivated password in ECC - SAP Work Manager

We appreciate all the customers/developers/consultants/Support Engineers who gave all the field report about our SAP products. We value your feedback to help make our product best in class. In this blog, please let us know if you have comment or feedback.

You may bookmark this article as we plan to update this article with new SAP Notes/KBA/resolution later.

Best Regards,

Chung Yu

SAP Senior Support Engineer

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