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This document is intended to help you solving problems that arise after upgrading your Enterprise Portal to 7.3x / 7.4 / 7.5 release.

1. Logon Page not rendered properly


After upgrading to NetWeaver 7.3X, 7.4 or 7.5 from older releases (like 7.0X) the custom logon screen no longer works, or you are facing issues to logon to your NetWeaver Administration (NWA) or Enterprise Portal.

The issue occurs most of the times due to the change in the logon screen mechanism comparing to earlier versions. In order to solve the issue, refer to SAP KBA 1935486 - NetWeaver Portal 7.3X/7.4 and custom logon screens

If you suspect that customizations made to the standard authschemes.xml, and you have been requested by SAP to revert your custom authschemes.xml file back to the Standard file provided by SAP,

refer to SAP KBA 1936725 - How to revert to standard authschemes.xml in NW 7.3X onwards

2. Browser Support / Chrome


After upgrading you cannot open iViews in Chrome browser.
Instead of the iView content, there is an error message:

"Could not open iView. The iView is not compatible with your browser, operating system, or device. Contact your system administrator for more  information."
In order to solve the issue, refer to SAP KBA:
2266579 - Could not open iView in Chrome on launching portal

3. ICM session Time Out


You are facing short time out on the 7.30 migrated system .The default ICM session time out is set to 60 seconds.
For actions that have longer server process time - the session will be timed out.

For the solution, refer to SAP Note: 1531892 - ICM session Time Out

4. Choose SAP component for migrate (par to war)

When performing an upgrade from NW 7.0X to newer versions such as 7.3X and above, SUM asks to review and select par files for migration

What should be selected in this page?

Refer to SAP Note: 2015621 - Review and select par files for migration - what to do...

After upgrade to SAP Enterprise Portal 7.3x / 7.4 (and above version) in SAP NetWeaver Administrator (NWA) -> Start & Stop: Java Applications, the following application are with status "Failed to start":






During upgrade these applications were changed from removed to migrate manually by the user who did the upgrade.

These applications are not delivered since SAP Enterprise Portal 7.30 and should be removed. Refer to SAP Note: 2177412 - Failed to start applications after upgrade to SAP Enterprise Portal 7.3x / 7.4 (and above ...

5. Migration of Custom Portal Applications to SAP NetWeaver 7.3


When performing an upgrade from NW 7.0X to newer versions such as 7.3X, 7.4 or 7.5, if you have custom portal applications you would like to maintain in the NetWeaver Development Studio (NWDS), you need to migrate them to the newer NWDS versions.

You can follow the Step by step procedure in how to guide (section 4) - This guide helps you to migrate your custom portal applications, by presenting the required steps, potential obstacles and recommended solutions.

Refer to SAP SCN : How To Migrate Custom Portal Applications to SAP NetWeaver 7.3


6. PCD inconsistencies


Before and after upgrades the recommendation is to check for PCD inconsistencies.

If you encounter problems in the PCD like the following:
- Creating PCD object
- Deleting PCD object
- Opening a folder in Content Catalog (could not load or refresh the content catalog tree)

Refer to SAP KBA: 2225655 - PCD Check tool central note

You can also check the following video blog that explains about the PCD Check Tool.


7. BCM Not showing messages

After upgrading to 750 Portal SP1-SP3 broadcast messages (BCM) stopped working. The BCM Icon is visible but new messages are not shown.

Refer to SAP Note: 2276701 - BCM Not showing messages after upgrade

8. File System up to date 

After upgrading In order to check file synchronization has been successful ,If you suspect that the changes are not applied .You have to prevent or force synchronization of the file system with the database. Follow the solution to set the bootstrap properties to FORCE in order to force a file synch.  :

Refer to SAP Note: