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Hello Design Studio friends,


Often issue happens with opening of Design Studio documents from iPad device using BI Mobile app, displaying blank screen.

It shows to load the report, but then stuck at loading forever or blank page is displayed.

Before troubleshooting the problem perform a test on the device safari browser to open the document via OpenDoc link or open the document using BI Launchpad, since it uses the same Web kit.

Possible solutions to resolve this problem and here some additional information, what we have done:

  • Setting feature.enable.legacy.webview=true may solve the problem.

Add the parameter from SAP KBA 2501811 (feature.enable.legacy.webview) within the client settings.


  • If issue is specific to a device, then problem may be resolved by clearing the cache and App data from the device and trying again. SAP BI App à Clear Data à Remove HTTP Cache Data


  • Design studio Add-on should be installed on Mobile server machine also. Check installation of Design Studio Add-on to your “Test Environment” where Mobile server is installed.


  • Check the version of Design Studio and the BI Platform where Blank Screen happens. Run a repair installation for this Add-On, after stopping all BIP services except CMS, please try to create a very simple Design studio application, without a data source and see if it runs fine on iPad. Refer below SAP Notes if the problem is not resolved:

2193939 - Design Studio object is loading forever while attempting to execute on BI Platform

2323315 - DS BI app ipad broken frozen white screen

1931691 - Performance hints for Design Studio/Lumira applications

2546525 - Blank screen on SAP BI Mobile App for iOS when opening Design Studio objects


  • For further troubleshooting the problem generate the APS log files with tests for the MOBI workflow and open CSS ticket with SAP Support refer the Note 2329605 - Design Studio - How to generate the APS log files while executing Design Studio Application in BIP Mode [Video]


  • Provide fiddler traces from your system for the following scenarios.

1) Run the flow in Launchpad where the issue is not encountered and capture the fiddler traces.

2) Run the flow in the app where issue is encountered and capture the fiddler traces.

Pls extract captured fiddler traces to “.saz “ file and attach it to the incident.