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This article will go through the SAP BW and BI Platform integration process to trigger schedule from BW in the BI Platform

It should be noted that this topic has been covered before by Vishal Mour in this post

I assume, however, that some steps can be elaborated in detail to help users execute the steps easily.

Before we start the BW and BI Platform integration, x509 certificate based trusted authentication should be enabled for REST SDK.

For configuration details refer below blog

Setup Process

Trust Between BW and BI Platform

Import WACS server certificate in BW trust store

  • When WACS is configured for https, simple step to get WACS server certificate

  • Launch WACS server https URL
    Ex – https://<WACS_Server_Host>:<SSL_Port>/biprws

  • Export https certificate from browser and save in .cer format and save any root certificate

In the SAP BW system, go to transaction “STRUST” and import the WACS server certificate into the SSL client SSL Client (Standard) and click the Add to Certificate List button, click on Save.

Import BW server certificate in BOE WACS server trust store

In the SAP BW system, go to transaction “STRUST” and export the server certificates from the SYSTEM PSE and SSL client SSL Client (Standard), choose binary as the format with and save with .crt extension (ex – Cert1.crt and Cert2.crt).

Import the above exported BW certificates using the following command into the BI Platform WACS server keystore truststore (WACS truststore should already be configured, as mentioned in the prerequisites)

<sap_bobj_installed_dir>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\win64_x64\sapjvm\bin > keytool import -alias BW1 -file Cert1.crt -keystore <wacs_trust_keystore>

<sap_bobj_installed_dir>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\win64_x64\sapjvm\bin > keytool import -alias BW2 -file Cert2.crt -keystore <wacs_trust_keystore>

Restart WACS server

Create and Test http Destination in ABAP

Go to transaction SM59

  1. Select “HTTP Connections to External Server” and Choose Create

Enter a name
Under Technical Settings, make the following entries
Target host – This is the host that you want to connect to (WACS Server Host)
Service no – Here, you specify the port (WACS Server https port)

  1. Under Logon/Security, make the following entries

SSL - Active
SSL Certificate - Choose “DFAULT SSL Client (Standard)”

Click on Save

Test Connection

Click on Connection Test, if all the configuration steps are performed correctly, the test connection will show success.

The success response indicates that the Trust has been established between BW and BI Platform

Note – For SSL Communication, SAP BI Platform uses version TLS 1.2/1.1 The same needs to be    enabled in SAP BW system as well. Else due to cipher suite mismatch the connection might fail.

To enabled TLS v1.2 in SAP BW system, follow the blog below.

How to enable TLSv1.2 in SAP Netweaver ABAP

Create BW Event and Assign to Report

  1. Login into CMC --> Events

  2. Under BW Events folder, create a new BW Event, provide the details and click ok. The event will be created

Note – We can create multiple BW Events based on the requirement, ideally one for each data           source such as Cube, DSO etc on which your BI Platform report is created.

3. Right click report and select schedule ---> Events ---> BW Events

You should be able to see the list of BW events created under Available Events.

4. Select the right event and move it under Events to Wait for

This completes the BW and BI Platform Integration Configuration, as well as configuring BW Events in BI Platform

For Part 2 – How to configure Process Type in BW

Follow below blog

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