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SAP continues to transform businesses across the globe into intelligent, sustainable enterprises. Each of our applications are powerful in a standalone manner but when leveraged together with the strength of our platform offering, coupled with out of the box suite qualities, that’s when you see the true power of SAP. In this blog series, I’ll share my perspective on how I see SAP delivering on our offer to transform businesses into intelligent, sustainable enterprises with a focus on the seven suite qualities that provide you immediate consistency across end-to-end business processes. I’ll also share what you can do today to start maximizing your investment.

If you follow my blogs, you know I love relating technical topics to everyday things, so for this blog I’m going to relate an intelligent, sustainable enterprise to a car. Before you can drive a fully functioning car, a lot of independent components need to be brought together to make that happen. At the highest level a car has a chassis, an engine, a transmission system, and a body. Each of these major components contain smaller components within. Focusing on the chassis, it contains the frame, suspension, axels, and wheels. All these smaller components need to be connected to each other and integrated to the larger components, like the engine, to deliver a completed car. An intelligent, sustainable enterprise is like a fully functioning car. Multiple applications focused on different areas of the business such as finance, procurement, human resources, customer management etc. working seamlessly together for you to deliver on end-to-end business processes. What you as an SAP customer need to do to get to an integrated, sustainable enterprise is put the pieces together.

SAP defines an intelligent, sustainable enterprise as ‘one that consistently applies advanced technologies and best practices within agile, integrated business processes.’ Gone are the days of powerful applications working in silos to get jobs done and here to stay is one company with a portfolio of integrated applications, backed by a powerful platform engine with consistent qualities across all applications, providing you everything you need to be an intelligent sustainable enterprise. Let’s explore further by looking at the Lead to Cash Business Process as an example.

Every business, from global enterprises down to brick-and-mortar shops are looking for ways to attract customers, present them with an offer, complete a legal sale, fulfill that sale, and collect payment. These are the steps involved in the Lead to Cash business process and all those touchpoints need to be documented and automated. Using SAP systems as an example, your landscape could look like this:

  • Attract = SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement

  • Offer = SAP Sales Cloud

  • Sell = SAP Commerce Cloud

  • Fulfill = SAP Service Cloud

  • Collect = SAP Cloud ERP

  • Services to tie the processes together = SAP Business Technology Platform

When transforming into an intelligent, sustainable enterprise and adopting end-to-end business processes you need to link departments, integrate business processes, connect data, and embed intelligence so you can continue to innovate and grow. Often companies already have systems in place that are either being replaced or will work alongside new applications. Therefore, the specificity of your landscape matters for determining the implementation approach. As an onboarding advisor for SAP BTP, I frequently hear directly from customers that you’re unsure how to best get started. Said otherwise, you feel like you’re looking at a bunch of parts and are not confident with how to put it together. To help you navigate things, SAP has customer success teams with specific application and platform expertise to guide you. We all have our domains of expertise that collectively deliver the result of an intelligent, sustainable enterprise. For example, specific to onboarding we have teams for each of the application areas as well as the platform to get you started on your journey. Together with our domains of expertise we deliver you a guided flow to get started along with accelerators, and instructions to empower you to transform within your SAP and 3rd party landscapes.

There’s no doubt, transforming into an intelligent, sustainable enterprise is a journey but SAP is making strides to ensure your experience is an enjoyable one. We have a comprehensive portfolio of cloud applications addressing specific functions necessary to run your business. We have a powerful platform delivering the tools and flexibility to adapt our solutions to your business’s specific needs. And we have suite qualities, the magic sauce to truly integrate and bring everything together.

In the following blogs I’ll detail each of the 7 suite qualities that are essential to providing a consistent experience along key business processes to accelerate your transformation and will leave you with a call to action on what you can do TODAY to get started. So, buckle up and let’s get into it!


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