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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

In the blog  “Transformational Learning [Part 1]: 3 Tips on How Collaboration Can Help Drive Digital Transformati...Thomas Jenewein explores the need for social learning and the considerations organizations must take.  So how can SAP help?  The answer is SAP Learning Hub.

SAP Learning Hub allows your employees, partners, and students to access more than 5,000 learning assets in topic based and collaborative learning rooms. Based on SAP SuccessFactors Learning and SAP Jam, SAP Learning Rooms combine formal and informal learning into a personalized, interactive and social learning experience.

SAP Learning Rooms are moderated by experienced trainers

All SAP Learning Rooms are moderated by experienced trainers and experts dedicated to helping users to achieve their qualification and certification goals with exercises, cloud training systems, individual feedback and additional learning materials. SAP Learning Rooms are unique in the way learning is linked to social interaction and collaboration. SAP Learning Rooms feature:

  • Learning maps with self-study materials from SAP Learning Hub
  • Space for knowledge sharing and collaboration tied to learning objectives and moderated by SAP trainers and experts
  • Exercises and examples from trainers, experts and other learners in the context of a learning path
  • Access to cloud-based training systems embedded in collaboration and learning maps
  • Live and recorded webinars hosted  by SAP trainers and experts

How SAP Learning Rooms are implemented

A dedicated SAP Jam template has been developed for SAP Learning Rooms, which allows the integration of learning maps, cloud-based training systems, collaboration and webinars into a social learning experience. New SAP Jam features have been leveraged to make courses and e-learnings available in SAP Learning Rooms. The new SAP Jam dashboard is used to monitor the activities in SAP Learning Rooms to establish a real social learning experience. Based on the positive feedback, the new SAP Education Network for Digital Transformation was launched as a Learning Room on SAP Learning Hub (figure 1).

The SAP Learning Room template, which was developed by a team of trainers, usability experts and instructional designers, allows for full flexibility and a modular approach with a minimum of manual effort for the moderators.

New trainer role

The new SAP Jam functionalities are one important success factor for SAP Learning Rooms. The other success factors are the moderation and communication skills of the trainers and experts who are responsible for the social learning experience in their learning rooms. To prepare trainers and experts for their new role, a dedicated curriculum and learning map was created with topics such as:

  • How to facilitate learning in virtual groups
  • How to prepare and run engaging webinars
  • How to provide individual feedback to learners

All trainers and experts can practice their new skills in a dedicated “Train the Trainer Learning Room” before they start their own SAP Learning Rooms.

How success is measured

To measure the success of SAP Learning Rooms, several KPIs are monitored on all levels of the evaluation model founded by Donald Kirkpatrick:

Level 1 (learners’ reactions and attitudes toward the learning experience):

- Traditional: Ratings collected with SAP SuccesssFactors Learning plus additional feedback surveys

- Social: Activity in SAP Learning Rooms, amount of generated content, and proportion of active learners

Level 2 (learning outcome):

- Traditional: Tests and quizzes, simulations, and certification exams.

- Social: Knowledge sharing, as well as amount of content and comments created by learners

Level 3 (transfer of training, knowledge and skills):

- Traditional: Interview with customers and managers, user feedback, and usability tests

- Social: Amount of transfer related knowledge shared in SAP Learning Rooms

Level 4 (cusiness impact):

- Traditional: Subscription renewals, ROI calculator and  analyses with SAP Learning Hub customers and partners

- Social: Evidence shared for business impact in SAP Learning Rooms and on social media channels


SAP Learning Rooms offer a true social learning experience to all subscribers of SAP Learning Hub by integrating learning maps, cloud-based training systems, collaboration and webinars into a personalized and interactive learning experience. More than 60,000 learners have already joined SAP Learning Rooms to reach their learning goals. The learning rooms are powered by SAP Jam and  use a flexible SAP Jam template, which has been developed and enhanced for an engaging learning experience. Interested in SAP Learning Rooms? Register for the free SAP Learning Hub discovery edition and join the SAP S/4HANA Overview Learning ...