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Business process management is at the heart of every digital transformation. SAP Signavio can help your organization continuously understand, innovate, and transform processes – fast and at scale.

SAP Signavio is therefore an integral part of RISE with SAP, which helps you to realize the full value potential of S/4HANA Cloud. It allows you not only to design next generation business processes but to increase agility, transparency, collaboration, and governance of your entire organization.

Business process transformation starter pack – what is included?

To help you kickstart your SAP S/4HANA® transformation, the business process transformation starter pack for RISE with SAP® is included in the contracts of RISE customers who are not yet enjoying the benefits of SAP Signavio solutions.

With the starter pack, you receive a first sub-set of capabilities that allow you to start experiencing the value of SAP Signavio. It includes:

  • SAP Process Insights: 50 GB with one-time load only

  • SAP Signavio Process Manager: 3 users

  • SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub: 10 users

SAP Process Insights identifies, analyzes, prioritizes, and monitors your most critical business processes and alerts you when an issue arises. SAP Signavio Process Manager and SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub can help you to redesign and standardize your processes, laying the foundation for a continuous transformation.

Faster time to insight, faster time to value using SAP Signavio solutions

Beyond this initial entitlement, you can later expand your license so that you can continue to improve and optimize. Follow these three guiding principles to shorten the time to insight and thereby to value and accelerate your S/4HANA transformation journey with SAP Signavio solutions:

(1) Prioritize optimization opportunities ​with instant analysis of processes, activities, ​and tasks​
Not sure where to start? Rapid process insights help you understand your processes and uncover improvement opportunities. You can then use pre-defined metrics and process flows to prioritize these opportunities in a data-based decision process.

An intuitive UI allows you to share results amongst the team on a central process management platform. This fosters collaboration between decision makers, business professionals, and IT experts.

(2) Sharpen process performance based ​on actual system usage, best-practices, and industry benchmarking
Use end-to-end process simulation to predict the expected performance and discover bottlenecks. Compare cycle-times, resources, and costs of alternative simulation scenarios.Then, across your whole organization, collaboratively design customer, employee and supplier journeys, and associated business processes based on a common notation/language.Leverage pre-built industry best practices and benchmarks to reduce implementation time and risk and further streamline process performance.

(3) Accelerate your progress with tailored insight​ on where to automate business processes
Take advantage of powerful drill-down functionalities to better understand process issues and inefficiencies so that you can focus your resources on changes that deliver the greatest impact. Understand trade-offs and relationships between experience and process metrics to find the overall optimum and reduce time to adapt. Eliminate the risk of implementing siloed experience and process excellence initiatives, by collaboratively designing, visualizing, managing a single source of process truth for collaboration and continuous process transformation.

Get started with business process management now

If you want to get to know what is included in business process transformation starter pack for RISE with SAP please visit or simply listen to the following recordings:

Session 1: Overview session: Business process transformation starter pack for RISE with SAP

Session 2: Focus session: Analyze your business processes using SAP Process Insights

Session 3: Focus session: Model your business processes using SAP Signavio Process Manager and SAP Signavio Process Collaborat...

SAP Signavio Onboarding resource center

Get started immediately and visit the SAP Signavio Onboarding Resource Center for information and help on demand.

Closing remarks

Transforming your processes is not a one-time event but a discipline that should become part of the mindset of your organization to meet the expectations of your customer, suppliers and employees likewise. It is a journey without a final destination. Make your first steps by leveraging the business process transformation starter pack.

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