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Yesterday a colleague of mine asked whether transaction code WEBGUI could be used to launch the WEBGUI service via SAP Web Dispatcher.

Until then I was certain that the URL would be formed using the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the local server, using the value of icm/host_name_full parameter. Yes, I was wrong.

Let me show you how to use table HTTPURLLOC to make the URL point to the SAP Web Dispatcher.

First things first: if you don’t have any entry in HTTPURLLOC, you can find the FQDN in transaction code SMICM:

SMICM: FQDN of my application server

Calling transaction code WEBGUI will open the web browser (IE11) with the URL:

Here it is:

WEBGUI via IE11 (executed calling t-code WEBGUI)

Now let me create an entry in table HTTPURLLOC, so my SAP Web Dispatcher will be used. I will use transaction code SE16 to create the entry: just enter the table name and click on the “Create Entries” button:


Inform the protocol (https). For the APPLICATN, use “/ITS//WEBGUI” (without the quotes). For the HOST, inform the FQDN of your SAP Web Dispatcher and for the PORT, the HTTPS port. In my test system, the entries are:

Entries for HTTPURLLOC table

Just press the “Save” button and call transaction code WEBGUI again:

WEBGUI via SAP Web Dispatcher

The result is the same, i.e. the WEBGUI service is loaded in the web browser. The only difference is that now it is load balanced by the SAP Web Dispatcher.

You can read more about table HTTPURLLOC here.

Be sure that you use the most recent SAP Web Dispatcher version and patch level, following the recommendation from SAP Note 908097.
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