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SAP B2B Trading Partner Management (TPM) is a centralized solution that meets the needs in B2B EDI space. The highlights of SAP B2B TPM are features such as maintaining centralized partner information, creating agreements between partners, defining certificate rollover, and configuring functional profiles for custom value maps.

The user interface is designed based on requirements gathered from different B2B users, which reflects the expectations of our trading partners. It solves the complexity of B2B communication between trading partners.

What is TPM?

The Trading Partner Management (TPM) is an application that helps you to manage EDI business relationships with multiple trading partners. It is designed to solve the complexity evolved during EDI communication between trading partners.

The following figure gives you a bird's-eye view on functioning of TPM during runtime.

How to access TPM ?

You follow the procedure below to access B2B TPM application:

  1. You need to assign user roles for managing the TPM tool. Without these roles being added to your user, you wouldn't have access to Trading Partner Management. For more information about required TPM roles, refer assigning user roles for managing B2B application in B2B Security Guide.
  2. Enter the URL format as http:<localhost:port>/b2bic in the Web browser and logon to B2B Integration Cockpit application.
  3. To access Trading Partner Management tool, choose Trading Partner Management.

Important ℹ

Before referring to information available with the links, make sure you are on the following SP and respective patch level of B2B components:

  • B2B Add-On SP2
    • PIB2BTOOLKIT SP02 Patch 12
    • XI CONTENT B2B TOOLKIT 1.0  Patch 3
    • XI CONTENT B2B MAPPING KIT 1.0  Patch 2

TPM is divided into the following functional areas, which can be accessed from the Trading Partner Management library:

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