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An Activity Log in SAC is a report of all actions taken in a specific period of time. An activity log, also known as a job activity log shows how somebody spends their time working. In SAC, an activity log shows all created or edited stories and Model.

Being able to identify who logged in to your account is crucial for security. Because companies come into close contact with tons of data on a daily basis, it’s important to be able to identify misuse immediately. If any misuse occurs, activity logs can identify the person responsible immediately. Activity logs also show that you have proactive measures in place if misuse occurs. This is important if you have business partners or stakeholders invested in your business.

As an administrator, you may monitor user activity on business objects such as models, stories, and other files, as well as changes to users and roles.


Who is this applicable to?


Users having any of the following Activity Log permissions: Either read or delete.


Users that have one of the following common application roles: Admin or BI Admin.


SAP Analytics Cloud records all actions that users take on business objects. Any changes to permissions or access control, as well as any access to your data, are recorded; for example:


  • Model changes

  • Story views

  • Changes to a file's sharing settings


Many More.


You can check more from this Help doc -  Track User Activities | SAP Help Portal



Viewing Activity Log Data


To display the log, you'll need to have the Read permission on Activity Log.

  1. Log in SAC Tenant.

  1. From the side navigation, select Security > Activity.

3. To filter for specific types of activities, select the Filter Icon -



For more information please visit help doc - Track User Activities | SAP Help Portal


Downloading and Deleting Activity Data


Users with the Delete permission for the Activity Log will receive an email and an alert notification when the size of the activity log reaches the limit. Further alerts will be sent if the log continues to grow closer to the limit.


Activity log can be useful when collecting troubleshooting data. To reduce the size of the log, you can first download part or all of the log as CSV files, and then delete those log entries from the system.


2781343 - Your User Activities log is almost full in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


To delete the Activity Log you can follow this below Doc -


Track User Activities | SAP Help Portal


When the activity log reaches its maximum size, final alerts are delivered, and the oldest rows are purged from the system to maintain the log size below the maximum.


To reduce the size of the log, download a portion or the entire log as CSV files and then delete those log entries from the system.

The activity log's default limit is 500,000 rows. By submitting a support ticket, you can request that this number be increased or modified to a one-year rolling term.



For more information follow this Guide -


Track User Activities | SAP Help Portal


Find more information and related blog posts on Track User Activities | SAP Help Portal.

2781343 - Your User Activities log is almost full in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


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