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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

What an amazing TechEd 2023! We had many announcements for SAP BTP like #SAPBTP like #SAPBuildCode#EdgeIntegrationCell#Vectorcapabilities for SAP HANA Cloud, #JustAsk for SAP Analytics Cloud. Also in Q3 we delievered a lot of innovations on SAP BTP. In this blog post I want to focus on a subset of innovation highlights including an outlook on what is coming up next.

SAP BTP Innovation Highlights Q3 2023

Application Development and Automation:

  • Starting in the Application Development and Automation pillar of SAP BTP, with Q3 we have some higlights in the SAP Build Work Zone area. Happy to share that SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition (formerly known as SAP Launchpad service) introduced a new site experience. Having the latest functionality based on the Horizion visual theme for Fiori in place, it also offers new design time capabilities targeted to the content administrator to be able to create spaces and pages manually. Additionally, UI integration cards and tiles can be added. The end user experience improved as well. They have now the capability to consume the pages and the content of the pages in runtime. Get more information on all capabilities in the blog post of vera.gutbrod

  • Welcome SAP Start! With Q3, SAP Start is part of the SAP Build Work Zone family and your central entry point into SAP cloud solutions. Having SAP Start in place, you will find all your relevant business information in a single landing page based on end-user stories. It delivers immediate value with insight cards. The initial release is available for SAP customers with RISE with SAP or GROW with SAP contracts or SAP Build Work Zone (standard edition) licenses. Want to explore more about SAP Start? Then read the blog post of yumnah.abbasi

  • Governance can be an unpopular topic...but it doesn´t have to be. Many of our customers have not just started their low-code journey, they also extend SAP S/4HANA with low-code applications and automations. Governance is a must-have if it comes to security, performance or compliance that could affect the ERP. Helping our customers to find the right governance, we released our one-stop resource hub, the Governance Resource Center for SAP Build. It provides you with all the information, assets and practical templates designed for IT administrators, a toolkit for building a citizen developer center of excellence business site, and the new Use Case Evaluator for SAP Build projects. Check it out here.


  • Graph is now generally available as part of API management in SAP Integration Suite. This new capability extends traditional API management by exposing business data in the form of a semantically connected data graph, accessed via a single unified and powerful API. Graph gives integration and application developers selective, seamless access to enterprise data via a single, easy-to-use API. It is also available in SAP Build, SAP’s low-code solution. Check out the blog post of piyush.gakhar

  • Migration from SAP Process Orchestration to SAP Integration Suite is an important topic. With Q3 you can now migrate Integrated Configuration Objects (ICO) from SAP Process Orchestration 7.31 and 7.40 versions to SAP Integration Suite. The update is available for template-based migration tooling in Cloud Integration and will be available for the Migration Assessment tooling soon. For supported service pack see What Is Migration Tooling?

Data and Analytics:

  • With the Q3 release of 2023, several great Calculation View feature have been released that can be used in Business Application Studio. MDS cubes provide an option to speed up analytical queries, column-level lineage gives you an indication where a column is used in a current Calculation View and measure-based restrictions in columns gives you more filtering flexibility while eliminating outliers before aggregation. But this is just a subset! Make sure you check out the blog post of jan.zwickel for the full-blown experience.

  • In addition to that Custom Widget can support Linked Analysis starting with Q3. The Linked Analysis feature in custom widgets gives UI developers now the chance to dynamically link custom widgets to others in the Story and perform insightful filtering operations on demand. If you want to learn more read the blog post of marouferchichi.

Artificial Intelligence:

  • Late Q3 we announced Joule, a natural-language, generative AI copilot. Our digital assistant that provides intelligent insights and fast business outcomes offerd with seamless user experience across the entire portfolio.By quickly sorting through and contextualizing data from multiple systems to surface smarter insights, Joule helps people get work done faster and drive better business outcomes in a secure, compliant way. Joule will be available with SAP SuccessFactors solutions and the SAP Start site later this year, and with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition early next year. SAP Customer Experience and SAP Ariba solutions along with SAP Business Technology Platform will follow. Learn more about Joule here.

  • With Q3 the SAP AI Core toolkit is available - our Visual Studio Code extension for AI-driven development with SAP solutions. It makes a connection to your SAP AI Core instance directly from Visual Studio Code, allows you to develop solutions for your use case, and leverage AI capabilities through SAP AI Core, in one developer tool.Check out the blog post of yoganandamuthaiah

Cross SAP BTP:

  • Development Operations is quite importan for our customers. With Q3 you can now transport content for SAP Analytics Cloud scenarios with SAP Cloud Transport Management service. This allows you to handle the propagation of corresponding changes through a standardized, enterprise-ready process and to align those changes with other transports, from other services or environments.Read the blog post of and watch the replay of the What´s New with SAP BTP quarterly series to get more insights. For more on how to apply agile DevOps principles in an enterprise environment and what is possible with SAP BTP, you can also check out the new learning journey:

Want to know more on the announcements for SAP BTP at SAP TechEd2023? Then stay tuned for a special innovation highlights blog coming soon.

SAP BTP Innovation Highlights - outlook:

Please find here my personal innovation highlights outlook coming up:

Check out all upcoming innovations in our SAP Road Map Explorer to learn more.

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