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Product and Topic Expert

In 2023 the Top Innovation Picks Blog is back with the highlights of our recent deliveries out of the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) product roadmap. The first quarter of the year already started with some amazing announcements and of course many newly released features. So, I´m really excited to present you a subset of innovation highlights in this blog post to share my personal highlights of the SAP Business Technology Platform roadmap.

Spend some minutes to check out my blog post to enjoy the Q1 2023 top innovation highlights.

SAP BTP Innovation Highlights Q1 2023:

Application Development & Automation:

  • The Q1 2023 release of SAP Build Process Automation provided some great new features. With updates in Process Forms and UI you have the possibility to include intermediate timer, add table to forms and work on tasks in SAP Task Center. Adding API Triggers to Automation is just one of the new features for Process Orchestration & Automation which eliminates the need for manual setup post-deployment to make your life easier. Also, in the last quarter the new SAP Build Content Catalog was announced. With the new catalog you can find exciting offerings on pre-built processes, automations, and application templates for SAP Build Process Automation, SAP Build WorkZone and SAP Build Apps. It is worthwhile spending some minutes to check out the offerings in the new catalogue. The blog post of jesse09 and the blog post of ajmaradiaga will show more details on the latest product features.

  • With the 2302 Release of SAP BTP ABAP Environment, we took the chance to provide a lot of new useful features. In the area of ABAP development tools, we support the configuration of tree hierarchy and data preview, enhanced the element information pop-up and support hiding test classes as a few benefits. The support of SAP BTP workflow services for process automation with the ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model and the default layout mode in the administration are two more examples of released features. Check out the blog post of merveyalcin to get an update on all important features.

  • You want to learn about SAP Build Apps starting from basics? You can easily explore and try out SAP Build Apps for 30 days with the SAP Build Apps Sandbox. The first steps are quite simple and there is no need to create and configure an SAP BTP subaccount. Free and simple sound good to you? So why don’t you explore and try it out? c-b.singh will provide you with more information on how it works in his blog post.

Data & Analytics:

  • With the launch of SAP Datasphere, we introduced a comprehensive data service built on SAP Business Technology Platform that enables every data professional to deliver seamless and scalable access to mission-critical business data. You wonder how this might be possible? Our unified service for data integration, cataloging, semantic modeling, data warehousing, and virtualizing workloads across SAP and non-SAP data helps to easily distribute mission-critical business data. Check out the blog post of juergen.mueller and the blog post of jgc001 to get more information.

  • The SAP Datasphere launch also came with several new innovations like the Analytical Model, one of the cornerstones of SAP Datasphere. The Analytical Model allows multi-dimensional and semantically rich analytical modelling to answer business questions easier, faster, and more efficiently. Rich measure modelling, collection of user input via prompts in SAP Analytics Cloud, Dependency Management and Transport are just a few of the benefits which are provided. Take a look at the blog post of jan.fetzer to gain more insights and see how to start.


  • In my last top innovation picks blog I mentioned the release of the Slack and Splunk adapters as built-in connectivity options for SAP Integration Suite. Only one quarter later we released two additional non-SAP connectivity adapters: The Microsoft Azure Storage and the RabbitMQ. Both as built-in connectivity options with the Cloud Integration capability of SAP Integration Suite. The Microsoft Azure Storage sender and receiver adapter facilitate the integration of four different Azure storages: Blob, File, Queue and Table. The RabbitMQ sender and receiver adapter lets you access the features supported by the RabbitMQ broker. You can leverage the adapter to consume and publish messages between the RabbitMQ server and SAP Integration Suite. It supports event-driven and fire-and-forget integration patterns. The adapters are available on SAP API Business Hub and can be consumed directly in the integration flow designer of Cloud Integration. Feel free to look at the SAP API Business Hub to get more information.

  • Integration is key for topics like transformation to connect systems and provide a seamless information flow. With the shipment of the two new features - the migration assessment and the migration tool – as part of SAP Integration Suite we support the transition from SAP Process Orchestration to SAP Integration Suite. The former tool allows you to assess your SAP Process Orchestration system to be able to scope the migration to SAP Integration Suite. As a result, you get a rough understanding of feasibility, migration complexity and effort. The actual migration is done using the migration tool which is embedded in the Cloud Integration designer. It guides you through the automatic or at least semi-automatic migration of an integration scenario from SAP Process Orchestration to SAP Integration Suite. SAP Process Orchestration assets such as mappings can be re-used and an integration flow is generated based on a template approach. Find out more information in the blog post of arti.gopalan.

  • Talking of Integration Suite let me come to the next innovation highlight right away: The SAP Integration Suite – Advanced Scheduler Configuration. The Cloud Integration capability of SAP Integration Suite comes with an enhancement for the Timer flow step with version 1.2, where you can configure more complex and granular schedules. It has been labelled as Advanced, as it provides advanced capabilities in configuring your schedules. With the Advanced scheduler option, you can configure schedules using a combination of various units of time measurement like the last day of the month, the last weekday of the week, specific days in a month or year, every few minutes, between certain hours, and so on. Check out the blog post of deepakgovardhanrao.deshpande for more information.

Artificial Intelligence:

  • With the smart capabilities of Document Information Extraction (part of the SAP AI Business Services Portfolio), information can be easily extracted from business documents like invoices and purchase orders. With the help of pre-trained AI models, you can enhance information extraction results from documents by allowing them to extract different types of barcodes. Want to know how it works? Check out the blog post of rizviab.

  • In Q1 many more features have been released for SAP AI Core, SAP AI Launchpad and SAP AI Business Services. For example in SAP AI Core you can schedule executions, synchronize on-demand content in Git repository and store generic secrets. Additionally, SAP AI Business Services also released new features like the enhancement of the content-based model, the embedded support in user interface or the updated language support for template processing. Check out the blog post of tobias_98 and the blog post of paul-pinard to see what´s new in SAP AI Core, SAP AI Launchpad and SAP AI Business Services for Q1 2023.

Across SAP BTP:

  • Many innovations have been released in the field of security. One example is the SAP Cloud Identity - Identity Provisioning Graphical Editor, which is a game changer for transformation configurations. Non-experts can easily configure transformations without knowing JSON syntax rules, while professionals can enjoy both the JSON and graphical representation. This tool significantly contributes to the growth of Identity Provisioning. Take a look at the blog post of ivelina.kiryakova to get more information.

  • Additionally, there is great news for SAP Cloud Identity Services administrators: The SAP Cloud Identity - Identity Provisioning has been integrated into the SAP Cloud Identity Services Administration Console! This means that you can now configure and work with Identity Provisioning in the same place, with a harmonized admin web interface. If you're interested in simplifying the user experience and reducing manual effort. Enjoy the blog post of sonia.petrescu to get more details.

  • Finally, I´m excited to announce that the SAP Cloud Identity API is now able to manage application configuration in Identity Authentication via API. We released the SAP Cloud Identity API, which offers endpoints for CRUD operations (GET, PUT, POST, PATCH, DELETE) over applications. This can serve as the basis for retrieving security API from the SAP Cloud Identity service. Take a look at the API Business Hub to get more information.


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