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I can´t believe how time flies. If I look back for the past couple of months, I find it very impressive what got delivered across SAP BTP during summer season. Therefore, let´s have a look at the highlights of our recent deliveries out of the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) product roadmap for Q3 2022. Those highlights reflect my personal view and is just a subset of all the innovations our development teams brought to the platform.

SAP BTP Innovation Highlights in Q3 2022:

Enjoy spending some minutes on my personal view of innovation highlights in Q3 2022:

  • Integration

    • In Q3 2022 we released SAP Integration Suite, advanced event mesh. This service is based on the Solace partnership and provides a fully managed enterprise-grade, event streaming and management platform that enables enterprise-wide and enterprise grade event-driven architecture (EDA). SAP Integration Suite, advanced event mesh is a perfect complement to the existing Integration Suite capability – SAP Event Mesh. It enables dynamic routing, allows brokers to be deployed in existing public or private cloud environments, delivers enterprise-grade performance, reliability, security, and governance and many more. Feel free to have a look at the blog post of christopher.aron, the blog post SAP’s Event-Driven Ecosystem Revisited and Introducing SAP Integration Suite, advanced event mesh of karsten.strothmann and the SAP Integration Suite, Advanced Event Mesh SAP Help page to get more useful information.

  • Application Development

    • Happy to share that SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition (formerly called SAP Work Zone and SAP Launchpad, check out the exciting news around SAP Build) got a modern and fresh update in the UI area. A new Horizon Theme is now available which provides a user-friendly light (Morning Horizon) and dark (Evening Horizon) theme. With the additional light and dark high-contrast theme we are also supporting visually impaired users. In the blog post of sibylle.brehm  she will explain how SAP BTP will run with the Horizon Themes. Also check out the SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition, product page on SAP Community and the YouTube Channel to stay up to date.

    • SAP Build Apps also got new improvements…great to see that one of the most awaited features got released in Q3. Real-time view of edits made by team members and the ability of access rights helps to make collaboration easier and simpler for project sharing between different teams. You also can manage access rights of developers and fine grain the access control. This feature makes knowledge sharing and engagement of the teams much easier and enhances the user satisfaction. mohini.verma explains more details in her blog post.

    • In the Enterprise Event Enablement area, we offer an innovation also for ABAP developers. Enterprise Event Enablement helps to develop event-driven applications. With the new release, SAP supports the direct consumption and exposure of business events in SAP BTP, ABAP environment. With the help of the ABAP RESTful ABAP Application Programming Model (RAP), an event can be defined and raised inside a business object or in its behavior extension and then published via Event Bindings. To consume an event, ready to use event consumption models can be generated using the event consumer wizard embedded in ABAP Development Tools for Eclipse. Both, the event provider, and the event consumer, are connected via SAP Event Mesh on SAP Business Technology Platform. Check out the SAP Developers Page as well as our famous Innobytes Video to get more insights.

  • Automation

    • In the area of digitalization, automation is a quite important aspect. Therefore, happy to see that we improved the inbound API integration what makes the integration with SAP applications and other solutions to support end-to-end extension scenarios now possible. In addition, we can now offer access to Google productivity artifacts using native enterprise authentication for attended and unattended automations is secured. With the release of the Google Workspace support even better performance through standardized connectors is possible. Do you want to learn more about those two and even more features we released? Have a look on the blog post of peter.engel and the blog post of eshita.mahajan, the SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Community page and the SAP Process Automation Youtube Channel.

  • Data and Analytics

    • In the area of Data and Analytics we had some highlights which I would like to share with you. First there is the optimized Story Experience which provides desired features like undo/redo and improved performance in SAP Analytics Cloud. With the improvement end users using Optimized View Mode (OVM) as well as story designers working with Optimized Design Experience (ODE) will benefit. The strategic story experience in SAP Analytics Cloud, usability and performance of dashboards improvements are the main three advantages of the Optimized Story Experience. To find out more feel free to have a look at the blog post of anna.burkhardt and the SAP Analytics Cloud community page.

    • Mostly retail and Consumer Packaged Goods industry customers do planning based on business calendars, not on Gregorian calendars. With the new feature of SAP Analytics Cloud Predictive Planning they can now start using these calendars to generate predictive forecasts on a weekly basis. thierry.brunet will show in his blog post the benefits of business calendars and how SAP Analytics Cloud Predictive Planning handles them in the generation of the predictive forecasts, in the explanation pages and when predictive forecasts are saved into a story. So have a look!

    • In addition, SAP HANA Cloud has been ported to a first ARM64 based chipset. Porting AWS Graviton includes adopting SAP HANA Cloud microservices (supporting infrastructure services and SAP HANA Cloud’s Kubernetes layer) and the SAP HANA database container itself to AWS Graviton processors. ARM-based technologies are renowned for their efficiency and lower power demand leading to a more sustainable data processing footprint. ARM processors have been used for decades in mobile devices where energy efficiency is key to the customer experience, but increasingly have proven capable of supporting resource-intensive enterprise applications. ARM-based AWS Graviton processors are designed by AWS to deliver the best price-performance for cloud workloads running in Amazon EC2, including memory intensive workloads. To help customers reduce their carbon footprint, AWS Graviton3 processors, just like Graviton2, are more energy efficient. In fact, Graviton3-based instances use up to 60% less energy for the same performance than comparable EC2 instances. Check out the blog post of stefan.baeuerle will provide more details on this topic.

  • Across SAP BTP

    • One of the most important topics for our customers is security. In Q3 we delivered new end user UIs offering the new Horizon visual theme. This feature is not just about showing a modern. For new applications it offers an opt-in configuration for existing applications, thereby avoiding disruption. Another great new feature is that the User UUID (universally unique identifier (UUID) format) is automatically generated by Identity Authentication at user creation. The User UUID is unique, but editable to allow usage of an already established user identifier in a corporate user store. This improves flexibility and reduces manual administration effort for user management and identity provisioning. Find out more on SAP Help Portal and the SAP BTP Security Community Page.

    • Furthermore, we released three new Identity Provisioning connectors in the security area. With the SAP Field Service Management connector (source, target, proxy), Identity Provisioning supports now the SAP Field Service Management connector. It is enabled for all standalone tenants and bundle tenants running on SAP Cloud Identity infrastructure. In addition, the implementation of a connector to SAP S/4HANA for procurement planning happened. It helps to enable reading and writing of entities (users and groups) through Identity Provisioning. Also, you can now configure SAP SuccessFactors Learning as a target and a proxy system in the Identity Provisioning admin console. Previously, the learning solution was available only as a source system. For more information you can check out the Roadmap Explorer item for new Identity Provisioning Connectors and Identity Provisioning connector to SAP S/4HANA for procurement planning.

    • For the SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment we developed some new features in Q3: The SAP BTP Cloud Foundry environment supports now the HTTP/2 protocol. This enables HTTP/2 without custom domains, improves performance through better utilization of the underlying transport layer and enables additional features like using the gRPC framework.

    • In addition, a new space role for SAP BTP Cloud Foundry runtime, the so-called ‘Space Supporter’ was introduced to troubleshoot and debug apps and service bindings in a space. The benefits of this innovation are a separate responsibility between development and operation, improved security due to restricted access to sensitive data and prevented deployment of code during operations. Check out the SAP BTP Help Portal which will provide more details on both features.

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