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Calling all iOS app developers

It’s no surprise that companies around the world are shifting their mobile strategies to iOS. In fact, 98% of Fortune 500 companies are using iOS devices today. But did you also know that more than two-thirds of all global business transactions touch an SAP system? That means global businesses increasingly rely on both iOS and SAP to get business done — creating explosive demand for native iOS apps that can securely connect to SAP resources. To meet this demand, Apple and SAP announced a partnership to revolutionize mobile development for enterprise customers. As a result of our strategic collaboration, SAP released SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS.

What does that mean to you? There’s a rapidly growing opportunity for iOS developers to enter a whole new global market — and SAP makes it easy for you to develop, deliver, and monetize enterprise-ready apps across our worldwide customer base. Our global footprint includes more than 413,000 customers (including 91% of the Forbes Global 2000), an expanding ecosystem of 17,000 SAP partners, 150 million subscribers in our cloud user base, and more than 100 innovation and development centers around the world.

Bottom line: If you’re an iOS app developer looking for new opportunities, now’s the perfect time to get in the game. Here’s how SAP helps you do it.

Five reasons to develop iOS enterprise apps with SAP

1. Accelerate and simplify app development.

If you’re already working in Swift, you can start building enterprise-ready iOS apps today. The SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS leverages your existing skill set, including Xcode, so the learning curve is extremely short. Our development tools minimize time-consuming coding up front so you can focus more on app innovation and less on enterprise hardening. Out-of-the-box features also make it easy to incorporate functional app requirements such as consumer-grade usability, offline availability, integration, supportability, and security. As a result, you can greatly simplify the development process and go to market faster.

2. Get everything you need to develop enterprise-ready apps in one place.

SAP provides all of the design and development tools you need to build innovative and intelligent enterprise apps.

● Design customized and easy-to-use native iOS apps. SAP Fiori for iOS is a design language developed by SAP to align business user needs with the principles of great design for the iOS platform. This helps designers quickly tap into ready-made design stencils to create a consistent and intuitive user experience. It includes reusable controls for features such as data visualization, special map controls, controls for timeline views, KPIs, table cells, and more. It also helps you support enterprise brand requirements with a broad range of fonts, colors, and themes.

● Deliver mobile apps that seamlessly integrate with SAP and third-party systems. Using SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, developers can easily integrate data from both SAP and non-SAP systems into their apps. We offer tools and resources that further simplify the development process by enabling you to build the APIs needed to integrate data from these systems. We also offer access to readily available APIs and can help you tap into our partner ecosystem for additional API support. Together, these capabilities and resources help take the pain out of the back-end API development process.

● Develop secure and intelligent mobile apps. SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services enable you to build secure apps that work both online and offline. Features such as local data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and single sign-on (SSO) help you protect enterprise data and meet security requirements. Mobile analytics also provide valuable insights about app usage through detailed reports and dashboards.

● Build and extend business apps with leading-edge enterprise capabilities. SAP Cloud Platform is an open platform-as-a-service that helps you easily access modern capabilities to build transformative mobile apps. These capabilities include API management, machine learning, IoT support, automated translation, third-party connectors for non-SAP data integration, and more. SAP Cloud Platform also helps you extend the functionality of existing enterprise apps by adding new business processes without touching ERP systems.

3. Learn everything you need to know at any stage of the app development lifecycle.

Swift developers can access a comprehensive set of tutorials and innovative tools such as SAP Fiori Mentor. This app helps you experience and configure UI controls. You can also get started quickly by previewing all of the available UI and foundation components of the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS.

4. Reduce your risk with scalable, subscription-based development tools and services.

SAP gives you all the tools and support you need to plan, build, and design beautiful and engaging apps. Our cloud-based mobile services are available through a subscription-based model so you can quickly, easily, and economically develop, test, and demo your apps without investing in an on-premises infrastructure. And, because our platform is available as a service, you can scale as you go — you never need to buy more hardware to support additional users. To try out these capabilities for yourself, sign up for a free trial account with SAP Cloud Platform.

5. Create new revenue streams by developing beautiful apps enterprise customers want.

Imagine what you could you do with all of the tools, support, and capabilities you need to build amazing apps that customers need to transform their businesses. You can solve real-world business problems by helping companies evolve from paper-based to digital processes. Help service techs work more efficiently with predictive maintenance apps. Allow remote field workers to access critical apps and data even without a network connection. The possibilities are endless.

Learn how to expand your revenue opportunities by meeting the global demand for innovative, enterprise-ready iOS apps — quickly, easily, and with minimal risk.

Download the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS