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Product and Topic Expert
1. Characters of an Intelligent Enterprise: Resiliency, Profitability and Sustainability

With the current reality of COVID-19 having affected a large part of our physical world – the imperative to go digital cannot be highlighted enough. Digital transformation was and still is a critical tool that will enable an enterprise to become an intelligent enterprise.

Now, we are also using it to be resilient, i.e., steer the company in tough times and plan for recovery.

The technologies catalyzing such a transformation also help enterprises be profitable. Few examples: infusing productivity enhancements through AI or enabling new business models like service-based subscriptions.

Digital Transformation has tools that can address carbon emissions measurements, analytics, and corrective actions. Enabling utilities, transportation, and agriculture industries with a massive carbon footprint to become intelligent will have a huge benefit to the enterprises, the communities they serve, and the global environment and climate.

Characters of an Intelligent Enterprise: Resiliency, Profitability and Sustainability


2. The Intelligent Suite Lead by S/4HANA: The Application Layer

The application layer led by the digital Core of S/4HANA brings the Line of business (LOB) applications more tightly coupled and in a modular approach. This is how SAP will Lead the Application layer.

In the core’s case, it is the transition from ECC to S/4HANA and in the cases of LOB applications, leveraging in-house developed Digital supply chain solutions and acquired solutions, which are now mostly running on HANA. This enables end to end business processes needs of customers be achieved even faster. The LOBs span the Customer Experience (C/4HANA), Spend Management (Ariba, Concur, Fieldglass), and Human Resources (Successfactors).

In all, the intelligence enabled by HANA as the in-memory DB and SAP’s Business Technology Platform provides extensive intelligence capabilities.

The Intelligent Suite Lead by S/4HANA: The Application Layer


3. The Business Technology Platform: Integration and Extensibility

End to end processes such as Lead to Cash, Source to Pay, Hire to Retire OR Design to Operate span several LOBs. Bringing the LOB Applications to execute seamlessly end to end processes – requires consistent alignment across different application sets. Not as a point to point approach but rather in a modular and reusable manner. This leads to a platform answer.  A platform with reusable business application services, capabilities, and tools. Entities like Aligned Domain Models (e.g. common Business Partner Master, or Product or Asset Master, etc.), leveraging the consistent UX paradigm (Fiori) across Applications, Analytics which leverage all data from all Applications, workflows that span several areas, etc.

SAP’s Business Technology Platform is THE Integration Suite with extensive capabilities to support customers to achieve comprehensive integration and extensibility.

The Business Technology Platform: Integration and Extensibility


4. The Business Technology Platform: Powering Innovations

The Business Technology Platform is also SAP’s go-to platform for innovations.

The platform is the common technology foundation to integrate SAP to SAP or non-SAP application. As such, it is the ideal platform to leverage for innovative use cases.

The platform comes with comprehensive development tools to create new applications leveraging various capabilities grouped into building blocks.

The 4 major building blocks, with each block having a robust set of capabilities to help build entirely new Applications or extend existing Applications are:

  1. Database & Data management (e.g. SAP HANA, SAP HANA Cloud ...)

  2. Analytics (SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Data warehouse cloud, SAP BusinessObjects …)

  3. Application development and integration (SCP platform integration suite, SAP Platform Extension Suite ...)

  4. Intelligent technologies (SAP iRPA and SAP Data Intelligence…)

The Business Technology Platform: Powering Innovations


5. Industry Cloud: Cloud Native Industry Applications

Industry Cloud Applications are one category of innovations that leverage The Business Technology Platform.

The harmonized objects and integration capabilities, can be used as the building blocks for new use cases, by SAP OR in a co-innovation mode with SAP partners and customers. These new applications will come as cloud-native applications delivered via the SAP Business Technology Platform. Additional key attributes, such as being able to talk to S/4HANA or other LOB Applications, will be leveraged as a common set of languages in the SAP Business Technology Platform.

Industry Cloud: Cloud Native Industry Applications

e.g. Honeywell and SAP announcing Industry cloud application sets. The starting point of these – SAP for Cloud Real Estate solutions and Honeywell Forge addressing end to end use cases for Commercial Real Estate Industry.


6. Evolution of Experience Management

Qualtrics started from serving academia for the first 6 years of its existence with professors and students as key clients. When those students who have used Qualtrics joined the workforce – became the ‘ambassadors’ who brought experience management to businesses and thus made it a unique category of enterprise computing.

Now, with 11K brands using Qualtrics, Qualtrics provides a feedback loop to understand how people feel and think, and why. With this knowledge, businesses could make better decisions with full consideration of their customers’ and employees’ needs and feelings, and make things run better.

Joining SAP – this Unique Expertise of Qualtrics – the X data, is being integrated with the Operational data (Actionable data to execute changes) – the O data, which leads to new approaches of Human Experience Management, Customer Experience Management, and understanding of the sentiment of digital supply chain as well as a brand holistically.

Evolution of Experience Management


7. Build the Network of Business Networks

Living in a networked economy has shown the importance of sharing information across the silos of an enterprise – especially in areas where critical parts and suppliers need to be quickly connected. Ariba has proven itself in these times to enable such quick response from the unparalleled number of entities on the network connecting to buy or sell a product or service at a moment’s notice.

In a closer approach, SAP’s Logistics Business Network and SAP’s Asset Intelligence Network are focused on these respective topics, i.e.,  Connecting shippers and consignees through a network of logistics providers AND Connecting original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with Asset operators and 3rd party service providers in the case of the Asset Intelligence Network.

SAP will take this Approach even one step further to bring about a network of intelligent enterprises, under a framework to share more via networks.

Build the Network of Business Networks


8. Addressing Sustainability and Climate Change: Climate 21

The main goal of the Climate 21 initiative is to add a “Green Line” – CO2 footprint (from all sources, across value chains) - with analytics on these data, and more importantly, take corrective actions to reduce and optimize a company’s CO2 footprint for it to be more sustainable and climate resilient, and environmental friendly.

The initiative is to enable, directly embedded, all aspects of a company’s activities related to CO2 emissions. Be it in the product life cycle to get to a goal of a circular economy for product-based companies or recording CO2 for services rendered across activities that a company is involved in.

As Revenues are captured via “Topline” and deducting Costs provide the “Bottom-line”, creating a “Green Line” to measure, analyze and report, as well as to take respective actions to improve Sustainability and Resiliency.

Case in point:

SAP product carbon footprint analytics is the first solution that is being leveraged by Customer Doehler Group SE.

“...honestly I don’t know how you could do it other than an embedded solution. You don’t want to create a ‘digital twin’ of a ‘digital twin’ …”

Andreas Klein, Member of the executive board, Doehler Group SE

Addressing Sustainability and Climate Change: Climate 21


9. Supporting the Global Efforts in Combating COVID-19 Using Technology and Innovations

In several regions, SAP has been actively working on new applications that help in combating the COVID-19 Pandemic. Of special note, the initiatives that SAP took alongside partner Deutsche Telekom to publish a Corona Virus Warning Mobile App dubbed “Corona-Warn-App” that is already live in Apple’s App Store and Google play as part of the response for COVID-19 initiative of the German Government.

SAP and Qualtrics, together, are also actively supporting the fight against COVID-19. On assessments, testing, and case management capabilities, Qualtrics is providing solutions to The State of Nebraska. With the City of Houston, Qualtrics is helping with contact tracing solution capabilities.

Outside of the direct involvement and support on COVID-19, understanding of the Experience Economy has enabled a quick time to react to all other current events related to COVID-19.

Now more than ever, knowing the customers’ experience is of fundamental importance to business success. Not only of customers, but in times like the world that we are living in– the experience of employees and that of the broader ecosystem of partners and suppliers. This in turn provides a lens of visibility into all aspects of the resiliency of companies.

SAP has an extensive portfolio of Applications to support this suite of fast to value applications for resiliency as well as recovery and further on preparing companies for the opening of economies. Several solutions, in limited free versions are available to customers.


More information of SAP SAPPHIRE NOW reimagined can be found here: