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Brand journalism is about telling stories that make your audience want to learn more about the subject matter. Each of these stories from SAP Business Trends has something to teach us about the world -- and good storytelling. Look for lessons in italics.

New technology is helping cut food waste while increasing its safety and traceability.

Trends in Food Innovation: More than Secret Recipes

Some technology in the food industry dates back 10,000 years, but nadine.huelsen looks at some of the latest breakthroughs in one of humanity’s oldest industries. New technology is helping make food more sustainable, transparent and traceable. And international engineering efforts, smart chopsticks and other solutions are helping people grow, transport and eat better than ever.

Why You Shouldn’t Have “Innovation” in Your Job Title

Readers of technology blogs can’t go a day without seeing the word “innovation.” But reuven.gorsht explains why that word shouldn’t be on your business card -- no matter how big a big part it plays in what you and your team does. Leading thinkers and business schools back up this ironically innovative approach to deciding on your job title.

Customers Concur: The Flight Path Runs Simple

SAP has acquired travel management solution provider Concur, but it’s still unclear to some people what this will mean for the two companies. darren.hunter2 shows how Concur will help SAP focus on the business network, as well as innovation and simplification. CEO quotes, corporate statistics and success stories from similar efforts offer insight into SAP’s future success.

How Much Is a Brand Worth? SAP’s Is Worth Billions

Corporations fiercely protect their brands, and it turns out many of those brands have a substantial dollar value. derek.klobucher examines Interbrand’s $17.2 billion appraisal of SAP’s brand, which seems to validate the company’s focus on simplicity, the cloud and big data. The New York Times and The Verge add context to Interbrand’s latest report.

Why Car Makers Are No Longer in the Transportation Industry

From Audi’s self-driving cars to GM’s high-speed wireless connections, automobile manufacturers are evolving into service providers. susan.galer3 previews next month’s Michelin Challenge Bibendum Global Summit, which will explore science fiction that is becoming reality. Los Angeles Times, the SCN and Netflix help illustrate how industries are changing -- and often colliding.

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