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This Top 5 on SAP Business Trends is all about the data, especially how to use it. You’ll see how to use information that once was unusable, how organizations can benefit from mapping and other location-based data, how big businesses can make the most of minutia in social media, and more.

No. 1: The Datification of Daily Life

Datification turns previously awkward information into data that you can track, monitor and optimize -- and it is leading to new opportunities and challenges. timo.elliott explores the brave new world of datifying your exercise, your reading list and even your friends.

No. 2: SAP Expands Its Horizons with Spatial Data, Geographic Information and Esri

SAP customers can now add location information to their enterprise data in real time, further enhancing their competitive advantage. derek.klobucher maps out how a joint venture with Esri will help SAP users visualize geographic content, process spatial data with HANA in real time and more.

No. 3: Why Some Companies Fail at Social Customer Service, and What We Can Do About It

Customers have evolved from tolerating a 24-hour wait for a customer service response to demanding real-time answers. Though most enterprises have evolved too, connecting to customers by phone, e-mail, live chat and social media outlets, reuven.gorsht explains why opening communication conduits and investing in technology isn’t enough.

No. 4: Future of Baseball Hinges on Analytics, Big Data and Mobility

Umpires, referees and other sporting officials are as human as the players, which means they make mistakes too. ryan.somers swings for the fences, imagining a world without umpires or instant replay, relying on real-time result analysis from machines that crunch Big Data quickly, accurately, and without bias.

No. 5: VIDEO: Industry Analysts See How Valuable SAP Solutions Really Are

Industry analysts who follow SAP wanted to hear from the users, and they got their wish at the 4th annual SAP Industry Analyst Base Camp last month. derek.klobucher got an earful at the event, and he shares analyst thoughts about a panel discussion by SAP customers Deloitte, Blount International and Intel.

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