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On the field, pitch or ice, it pays to have the best in people, equipment and technology backing you up -- just like in business. The top 5 blog posts on SAP Business Trends show how sport teams and other organizations work together for victory.

SAP employees, partners and customers work together to improve their experiences.

No. 1: Sapience* - Knowledge Management at SAP and why we have to go for a quantum leap

Software companies can easily find themselves lulled into looking only at the technology side of their business, but SAP is bigger than that. dirk.dobiey shows how SAP leapt beyond software, becoming a solutions company that solves problems.

No. 2: NFL QB Controversy: 7 Reasons to Cut Michael Vick

The Philadelphia Eagles is a U.S. National Football League team with a charismatic new coach -- and a terrible record. ryan.somers predicts that the Eagles will fly high this year, but only if the team sends a particular turkey walking.

No. 3: Four Ways To Make Enterprise Social Work

Companies are trying to use internal social media tools to help employees collaborate more effectively, but worker adoption has been far lower than organizations had hoped. timo.elliott shares four key principles to better align and deploy enterprise social with business.

No. 4: SAP Grabs the Shark By the Tail -- and Brands It

SAP recently unveiled the SAP Center at San Jose, home to U.S. National Hockey League team the San Jose Sharks. derek.klobucher reveals the symbolism of branding an arena in Silicon Valley, watching the scoreboard and predicting the puck’s location during the game.

No. 5: DFB and SAP: A Winning Team for German Football

SAP HANA is powering a new marketing campaign by German soccer association Deutscher Fußball-Bund, creating customer-specific offers that are integrated with sales. david.trites kicks around ways this new strategy helps DFB personally connect with customers while increasing sales.

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