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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
I grew up with David Letterman. Before he had his spat with Jay Leno about the Tonight Show, and before he had a night-time talk show at all, and even before he had his late-late show, he had an afternoon comedy show when mostly soap operas aired.

He was even more irreverent and crazy than on his later shows, probably because so few people were watching. I loved it (especially Rich Hall's Sniglets).

And since I grew up on David Letterman, I grew up on his famous top-10 lists. So here's my top-10 list for what makes Devtoberfest so much fun.

SAP Build is #6   (if you want to skip ahead)



That cool game board, whose code you can actual get a hold of @




Cat lovers and dog lovers call a truce and come together for the sake of SAP Learning, as part of Petoberfest.

Note to legal: Get release forms from Sully and Sage so we can use their likeness, and get them as clients.


8 – SAP Build 🥳

16 – count 'em, 16 – sessions related just to SAP Build and low-code no-code development (if I can plug my own Devtoberfest track).

See them all in the Devtoberfest event calendar.

Since this is obviously my favorite, let me expand on why Devtoberfest is a must if you are interested in SAP Build. We have sessions on the following:

  • SAP Build overall, what it includes, how it fits into the SAP ecosystem, and what's ahead

  • Separate sessions on starting work with SAP Build Apps, SAP Build Process Automation, and SAP Build Work Zone

  • Integration scenarios, especially with CAP and RAP and S/4HANA and C4C

  • More integration scenarios, with ChatGPT, Google, Microsoft and more

  • All about the big new features, from event triggers to Enterprise Automation to governance

  • And some extra sessions on stuff you might not have known but is really useful, like the SAP Build Store and advanced UI techniques in SAP Build Apps.

That's a lot of stuff.



Hundreds of tutorials so you can quickly learn SAP technology and show off to your friends – and your boss 🙂



The snazzy new logos.


Man cannot live on SAP blue (#008FD3) or gold (#F0AB00) alone.



Community supporting each other. You can meet up with other members of the community in the fun activities, in the live chats, in the Devtoberfest group -- and hopefully when you win the grand prize (more on that later).



All the fun activities and game nights.

Last year we had trivia games, the flying money game, gaming night and the "How did I not see that?" confessions. This year? Tune in to see.



My Cryptic Crossword puzzle, this year with the theme of SAP Build.

Clues and puzzle to come.



Grand prize of an all-expense paid trip to SAP’s Newport Beach office in California to meet with SAP leaders and product experts, and a VIP experience at one of area's major tourist destinations.

Too many things are included in the prize package, so go to the Devtoberfest contest page to learn more.

Some of last year's winners.




The best thing ... meeting you in so many ways:

  • Seeing you in the sessions.

  • Answering your live chat questions.

  • Helping you with the tutorials.

  • Talking with you in the Coffee Chat (or as my mother would say, "Cawfee Tawk".

  • Playing games with you on Fun Fridays.

Now go to the Devtoberfest group and make sure you joined, and then go to the Devtoberfest events and say you will attend all the sessions.


Some Sniglets for you:

  • doork = a person who pushes on a door marked "pull"

  • lerplexed = unable to find the correct spelling for a word in the dictionary because you don't know how to spell it

  • pupkus = the moist residue left on a window after a dog presses its nose to it