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Many of you are already familiar with the tools I developed over the year to help customer transition their SAP BW system to the SAP HANA platform. Well, Happy New Year, everyone! It's time for a major update. If the tools are new to you, feel free to explore and try them out. As always, I'm happy to hear from you either in the comments to this blog or via email.

SAP BW Migration Cockpit

The migration cockpit provides easy access to the most used and useful tools for migrating SAP BW systems to and optimizing systems on SAP HANA. The latest version includes several additions to this easy to use "launchpad app" and is now ready for transitions of SAP BW system to SAP BW/4HANA.
Among many standard tools and transactions, you can of course also launch all the other tools mentioned in this blog from the cockpit.

SAP Note 1909597 - SAP BW Migration Cockpit

SAP BW Checklist Tool

The checklist tool automates the check of best practice guidelines for operations and prerequisites for migration of an existing SAP BW deployment to the SAP HANA platform and to SAP BW/4HANA. This was the first tool of this series that I developed and it now includes almost 300 different check routines. It's the most efficient way to check your SAP BW system (even if you do not plan to migrated to SAP HANA yet).

SAP Note 1729988 - SAP BW Checklist Tool for SAP HANA

SAP BW Upgrade Path Finder

The upgrade path finder gives easy to understand guidance on necessary steps to perform Release Upgrades, Unicode Conversions, and Database Migrations for SAP BW systems. The latest version now includes SAP BW/4HANA as a target option.

SAP Note 2296693 - SAP BW Upgrade Path Finder

SAP BW ABAP Routine Analyzer

The routine analyzer automates the check of best practice guidelines for ABAP routines in SAP BW systems focused on statements that can potentially be optimized for SAP HANA. A typical SAP BW system contains many custom routines embedded in transformations and other "tucked away" places. This tool will extract and analyze all of them (let a know if you come across a place for custom code that I missed).

SAP Note 1847431 - SAP BW ABAP Routine Analyzer

SAP BW Transformation Finder

The transformation finder quickly finds transformations in SAP BW systems for example to identify InfoProviders that can potentially be retired when using SAP HANA. It's a simple but quite powerful tool if you want to do some analytics of your transformation details or are looking for a specific type of transformation.

SAP Note 1908367 - SAP BW Transformation Finder

Go For It!

With the recent update of the tools, I synchronized the versions of all my tools to 5.0. I also made it easier for you to track any upcoming changes. Just pull up SAP Note 1909597 and add it to your favorite SAP Notes.

Each tool comes with installation instructions and documentation as attachments to the corresponding SAP Notes. Get SAP Note 1909597 for the SAP BW Migration Cockpit to get started. Enjoy!

Marc Bernard