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Science fiction has shaped much of what we imagine the future to look like. Often, these visions become reality. Take the communicator on Star Trek, for example. The device Kirk and his crew used to keep in touch with the Enterprise inspired Martin Cooper to create the DynaTAC 8000x, the world’s first cell phone. Cooper made the first call on it back in 1973. We’ve come a long way since then. Today, people use mobile devices for so much more than communication.

It’s not all about the enterprise

MobileBeat is an annual event that looks at the future of mobile. At this year’s event, Samsung strategy chief Young Sohn showed a concept video of a smartphone that monitors patients’ health. What’s more, the device allows doctors to diagnose them remotely. That’s still science fiction for the moment, but mobility in healthcare is a reality. Charité is a leading university hospital in Berlin. It reduced the time doctors spend on administrative tasks by giving them the SAP Electronic Medical Records app on tablets. As a result, it’s cut waiting times for patients.

Opening the door to apps

Of course, mobility is a focus for every sector, not just healthcare. Analyst Gartner found that 61% of CIOs plan to enhance their mobility capability during the next three years. But what sort of things are they looking at? Katie Moser, marketing manager for SAP Mobility Solutions, says: “Mobile platforms are opening the door to some really cool ways businesses can engage with their customers.” For example, Tommy Hilfiger worked with SAP to create the Look Book – an iPad app that helps its salespeople get customers excited about the latest fashion collections. There’s no doubt that businesses are embracing apps, but are they ready to?

A call for strategy

It’s increasingly important for organizations to have a strategy for mobility that covers platforms, tools, apps and services. However, while most organizations recognize the need for an enterprise-wide mobile strategy, only 18% of them have one, according to IDG.

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