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The partnership with SAP Leonardo IoT Edge and Microsoft Azure is expanding the boundaries of what businesses can achieve with the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s one more important step towards the amazing things that lie ahead with the rise of the fully connected enterprise.

Announced in Barcelona at MWC 2019, the new joint effort is a powerful reminder that the emerging digital landscape will be built with a game-changing combination of hardware and software. But at the same time, it will be also united by human-centered alliances and collaboration.

Expanding the new digital frontier

This partnership comes at a pivotal moment. As the IoT landscape matures, we are going further to the “edge” – to the distant sensor points along the IoT landscape where businesses can monetize their data and focus on a wider range of outcomes.

The scale is immense. There were 500 million devices connected to the internet ten years ago. Today, there are 10 to 20 billion. In just a few years, that number could jump to 40 to 50 billion. Yet to enable the right IoT-enabled outcomes on the edge, it will take large-scale, dynamic partnerships and alliances.

Extending opportunity

The SAP-Microsoft partnership is built to help businesses thrive on the edge. It lets them unlock the full power and promise of IoT for their own business goals.

  • Microsoft Azure helps businesses connect to a wide variety of sensors in the very places that contain the most value. Customers can take advantage of over 500 sensor provider partnerships to capture, enrich, and synchronize sensor data for use in intelligent business systems.

  • SAP Leonardo IoT extends the value of that sensor data. It transforms raw information into deep insight for actionable intelligence at the source. And it sends the results back to a centralized digital core. Once there, it can be combined with the capabilities of SAP S/4HANA for further geo-spatial processing, series data, and location services.

The combined SAP and Microsoft technologies are creating a seamless IoT bridge to unlock an almost endless number of business scenarios. Companies can:

  • Drive business processes and synchronize transactions from offshore oil and gas platforms to run mission critical operations in energy exploration and supply chains.

  • Run modern warehouses with SAP Edge Services and a company’s operational core to process, deliver, and receive goods on time–even with limited network connectivity.

  • Help sailing teams with intermittent network connectivity become even more competitive by delivering deep insights while at sea.

The opportunity journey ahead

For companies ready to set out on their very own IoT journey, this moment represents a powerful moment in history. Thanks to the SAP-Microsoft partnership, the path toward the connected enterprise is paved, secured, and well lit.

It’s an ideal space for exploring new business models and extending business processes to nearly anything or anyone. Because that’s where businesses have the power and the tools to connect and thrive–like never before.

Join me on the edge.