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Product and Topic Expert
SAP’s purpose is to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. Our sustainability program is at the core of this purpose. SAP is part of a growing movement of policymakers, NGOs, social groups, and leading companies working together on solutions to create a restorative and regenerative economy.

SAP solutions are managing the most mission-critical economic, social, and environmental data spanning businesses and organizations across the globe. This provides us a unique opportunity to help our customers bring sustainability into the core of their business, not run it as a separate initiative or approach. From our ERP and business applications to our sustainability-specific solutions, SAP has a comprehensive approach to helping our customers drive sustainable practices inside their organization and across the entire value chain.

The foundation for the sustainable enterprise

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) enables our customers to integrate and extend their applications across business networks, optimize sustainable growth and innovation, and enable visibility of disaggregated data for compliance, such as ESG reporting, holistic steering, and supply chain transparency.

SAP BTP provides the solutions you need to support sustainability. The platform drives a progression toward a unified system of data, applications, and business processes that counters infrastructure costs and operational complexity. With a robust and agile foundation, you can improve reliability and performance across your sustainability programs.​​​​​​​ Even our sustainability business solutions are built on SAP BTP, like the SAP Sustainability Control Tower.

Regarding sustainability, SAP BTP:

  • Enhances the capabilities of SAP core solutions to improve sustainability outcomes through data-to-value outcomes, integration enablement, and extensible and personalized application solutions

  • Enables customers to integrate and extend their applications across business networks, optimize sustainable growth and innovation

  • Provides visibility of disaggregated data for compliance, such as ESG reporting, holistic steering, and supply chain transparency

  • Drives a progression toward a unified system of data, applications, and business processes that overcomes typical barriers to a holistic approach to sustainability

How SAP BTP addresses sustainability

There are three main scenarios where SAP BTP helps our customers to achieve their sustainability goals:

  1. Accelerate innovation and personalization with application development

With SAP's no-code and pro-code application development tools, you can build and enhance your application investments to meet sustainability needs and provide continual value. SAP BTP lets you build new innovations and functionalities into your existing products, thereby giving the optimal user experiences and solutions for the future. Used in this way, the platform enables customers to build solutions or extend the capabilities of existing solutions, to help achieve their sustainability-related goals such as reducing food waste in the supply chain.

  1. Grow business value with real-time data and analytics

With SAP's data and analytics solutions, you can get the most value from your data, deliver trusted insights, and extend planning and analysis across your enterprise. Data and analytics provide a consolidated view across all data assets and can achieve insight and make real-time decisions. Analysis and predictive tools can be developed to correlate and analyze data from various sources to track and measure emissions, reduce energy consumption, etc.

  1. Strengthen insights and outcomes with broad integration

Integration is essential to enhance business operations across the entire value chain by connecting all applications, data, and processes seamlessly. SAP's integration solutions enable you to integrate and extend your applications across your business networks, optimize sustainable growth and innovation, and enable visibility of disaggregated data for compliance. Data and processes can be linked to external sources and third-party systems to enhance the capabilities of business networks, for example, coordination of activities across NGOs in global disaster relief responses.

SAP BTP and sustainability use cases

SAP’s mission goes beyond economic success and turns our considerable resources into a positive global influence that helps people, businesses, and institutions achieve economic development, social progress, and environmental impact. Here are some ways that our customers can use SAP BTP for their sustainability initiatives:

  • Companies often face challenges regarding high customer call volumes and handling customer requests with high efficiency. SAP BTP can create solutions that maintain the job security of handicapped employees and address high call volumes with an improved customer experience.

  • Industry leaders are working to improve efficiency and transparency in the palm oil production process to create sustainable supply chains from farm-to-consumer. SAP BTP offers solutions to capture as much valuable data as possible and create a digital twin for each palm tree to ensure that each individual palm tree is thriving at its best.

  • As a result of the global pandemic and with schools in lockdown, many families were struggling to feed their children. SAP BTP provides intuitive and easy-to-use web and native mobile applications to capture and share information about available assistance. This caters to both current and future resource needs and enables the solution to continue to help families beyond the pandemic.

SAP BTP accelerates innovation by unlocking the potential of your business. SAP BTP brings together application development, data and analytics, integration, and AI capabilities into one unified environment optimized for SAP applications. With native SAP applications integration, and leveraging embedded artificial intelligence, automation, and access to real-time data wherever it is, you can deliver personalized experiences to your users. Also, since the platform understands your business context, has no-code to code-first development, and a broad set of prebuilt content, you can build faster regardless of your skill level.

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